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Optimize Amazon Listings for Mobile

In 2015, more than 70% of Amazon customers preferred to use mobile devices to make purchases throughout the holiday season. In overall use for 2017, only around 37% of customers used a desktop to connect with Amazon and make their purchases. As a result, it’s become increasingly critical for sellers to optimize Amazon listings for mobile users. These key tips will give you a great place to start as you prepare your product listings:

  1. Make Product Descriptions Scannable
  2. Break Copy into Smaller Paragraphs
  3. Watch Your A+ Content
  4. Create Bullet Lists
  5. Keep it Short
  6. Bold Important Words & Phrases

Optimize Amazon Listings for Mobile

Tip #1: Make Product Descriptions Scannable

Mobile readers are often less likely to dig into the “meat” of an ad. They’re looking for a product description that is easy to scan while still providing them with key information. Making your descriptions easy to read will increase the odds that shoppers will purchase from you, rather than moving on to a different product that says it meets their needs. Before writing a product description, it’s a good idea to list the key features and/or specifications customers are most likely to look for and make them easy to find either in the title or description.

Tip #2: Break Copy into Smaller Paragraphs

Mobile readers prefer copy that’s broken into small paragraphs rather than coming at them in large blocks of text. This makes it easier for busy readers to quickly skim and find what they’re looking for. Shorter paragraphs also make it easier for them to track what information they’ve already read, highlight the most important information, and read through all the important details. Large blocks of text are tough enough on desktop devices- they’re even harder on small mobile screens.

Tip #3: Watch Your A+ Content & Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon Mobile Product ListingA+ Content for vendors and Enhanced Brand Content for sellers are important elements for converting shoppers. On desktop, they are prominently placed on the page and allows brands to tell a compelling story about their product. However, on mobile they are further down the page and more narrow to fit mobile screens. Therefore, it’s important not to rely too heavily on A+ Content & EBC to convert mobile shoppers. Instead, the product title and product images should be descriptive and compelling enough to give shoppers what they need to make a purchase. A+ Content can be used to highlight more detailed product features and benefits.

Tip #4: Create Bullet Lists

Bullet lists are easy to scan and easy to read. Using clear and concise language in bullet lists can improve the mobile user’s experience. Break down product benefits and features in a bullet list for your products. Keep in mind that your users are looking for how those features will solve their pain points, not just a list of important features. Be sure to shape your descriptions accordingly.

Tip #5: Keep It Short

Writing product descriptions is challenging when trying to optimize Amazon listings for mobile. You must provide all the information your customers need in order to make a product decision, including the relevant keywords that will help bring in search traffic. At the same time, you need your descriptions to be short and concise enough for mobile readers! Look for ways to reduce the length of your product descriptions while still offering a compelling narrative for your readers.

Tip #6: Bold Important Words and Phrases

Are there words and phrases that are more important than others in your product descriptions–for example, features that your product offers that your competitors might not? Bold text can help draw the eye and ensure that customers are going to notice those key pieces of information. Bold text is also a great way to highlight important facts that could lead to customer complaints down the line: items that aren’t included in your package, specific product specifications, and more. Just be sure to use bold text in a sparing and thoughtful way.

Creating a solid product description isn’t just about offering your customers a list of features and attributes. Rather, it’s about breaking things down in a way that’s easy to digest even from a mobile device. If you’re struggling to optimize Amazon listings for mobile, then contact us! We’ll work with you to craft optimized product listings that boost your visibility and convert on mobile devices. Our team of Amazon consultants offer full-service account management, as well as Amazon advertising services.

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