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If you’re a brand or manufacturer that works with Amazon as a retail vendor, you’re focused on one thing: getting your products in front of your target customers. But to do this effectively, you need to identify and leverage the many opportunities Amazon provides to capture your audience. Time and again, we’ve seen vendors miss out on sales by failing to take an active role in managing their Amazon business.

That’s where Orca Pacific comes in. Our Amazon vendor central experts will help you develop a strategic business plan and continually optimize your operations to increase sales. We have over a  decade of experience working with Amazon, and have key relationships with vendor managers in every product category.

What’s more, our Amazon vendor consulting team leverages a powerful technology stack that gives us complete visibility into your products, keeping our finger on the pulse of your brand. We monitor changes and updates to your entire catalog in real time and notify you when issues arise. And detailed reporting and analytics capabilities give us an in-depth look to help you maximize your performance on the platform.

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Amazon Vendor Central Consultants

Complete Visibility + Real-Time Monitoring

By combining our Amazon vendor consulting expertise with technology-driven insights, Orca Pacific provides real-time transparency across your entire catalog. Our team tracks and monitors:

  • Customer Reviews & Comments: We monitor all your products for new reviews and customer questions. This gives us real time updates when a new negative review is posted or question is asked. Depending on the issue, we can help you employ the right strategy to address these challenges.
  • Buy Box, Pricing & MAP Monitoring: We track the price of your products and know exactly who is winning the buy box at all times. This allows us to effectively monitor MAP policies, work to control the third-party marketplace and gain valuable insights based on pricing trends.
  • Basic, A+, and Enhanced Brand Content: We’re able to easily view content across your entire catalog and get a summary of any missing components. This gives us a single point of reference when optimizing your content, and to identify in real time if content changes are made without your consent.
  • Search Ranking & Badges: We track your products’ daily and historical search rankings and badges across strategic keywords, so we can discover opportunities for improving your visibility and track the efficacy of advertising strategies.

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Amazon Vendor Consultants

Amazon Strategic Vendor Services


Listing Optimization
Leveraging Amazon’s search algorithm is key to getting your products in front of your target customers. Our team will review, refine and update your content to maximize traffic and increase visibility.

A+ Content
Differentiate your product catalog from your competitors by creating a robust customer experience for Amazon shoppers. By using your digital assets effectively, our team will tell an impactful story about your brand and product catalog that ultimately drives sales.

Brand Store
Create a fully dimensional shopping experience that showcases your brand. Our team will build a customized storefront where Amazon shoppers will experience your product catalog.


Profitability concerns are becoming increasingly common for Amazon and by extension their vendors. Our team diligently works to maintain as much of the catalog as possible in a financially sustainable manner.

Annual Program Negotiations
Amazon’s program agreements are an important part of their business relationship to their vendors. As your best advocate, our team will make sure your dollars are spent efficiently and effectively.

1P to 3P Channel Evaluation
We take a strategic approach in understanding our clients’ entire catalog by identifying opportunities that maximum sales potential regardless of Amazon sales channel. This may result in a Vendor Central/Seller Central hybrid account or 1P to 3P catalog transition. What is Vendor Central vs. Seller Central?


Demand Planning and Forecasting
Amazon works on a just-in-time, demand-driven inventory model, designed to minimize inventory while maximizing product availability. Our team will ensure your products are always in stock — so you can maximize top-line volume.

Fulfillment & Packaging
Fulfillment and packaging strategies are fundamental elements of success on Amazon. By identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for shared efficiencies, our team will identify and propose opportunities that result in win-win scenarios. Learn more about Frustration Free Packaging.

Account Health
There are many moving parts to ensuring your business on Amazon is running smoothly. Chargebacks, labeling, perfect inbound and many other factors can impact your business. We play an active role in monitoring your account and providing strategic advice.

Advertising & Marketing

Amazon Sponsored Ads
Using our proprietary technology, our dedicated advertising team strategically creates customized campaigns for your brand. By minimizing ACoS (advertising cost of sale), our team delivers the maximum return on investment for any budget.

Deals / Coupons / Promotions
Promotions are one of the best ways for products to stand out from the competition. Our team will create and execute these opportunities, driving meaningful sales for your brand.

Case Study

An international kitchenware manufacturer came to us with an urgent need to setup their Vendor Central account. Within three weeks, our vendor consultants added over 3k items to their catalog and completely setup their account. We continue to manage the manufacturer’s account and optimize their product listings to improve sales.

Let us manage your Vendor Central account and provide strategic insights into maximizing your potential on Amazon.

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Amazon Vendor Central Management Case Study