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Amazon Display Advertising

We skillfully craft and manage Amazon Display Advertising (DSP) strategies which leverage Amazon’s customer data to reach a highly targeted audience across the web, including customers who searched for, viewed, or purchased your product or a competitor’s product.

Google knows what you search for, but Amazon knows what you buy. And Amazon Display Advertising (DSP) allows brands to leverage that valuable audience data to reach a highly targeted audience on and off of Amazon. Whether it’s the “likely” customer or the customer who has done everything except for purchase, Amazon DSP is a highly effective tool which can be successfully utilized across the entire marketing funnel.

Amazon Vendor Services

Build Your Own Audience

With Amazon DSP, you can access up to 10x the audience of Amazon alone to rapidly increase brand visibility and grow your incremental sales.

Whether re-engaging your trusted customers or introducing your products to customers of a competing brand, we build strategies that accomplish a variety of outcomes for your business.

  • Retarget Your Customers

    We re-engage with customers who have viewed your product detail pages or who have purchased your products in the past.
  • Prospect New Customers

    We leverage Amazon’s shopper behavior data to get your advertisements in front of a hyper-targeted audience in the market to purchase your product.
  • Conquest Competitors' Customers

    We advertise across the web to customers who are actively searching or engaging with competitors’ products.

Complete Visibility into the Customer Journey

With customer data comes insight about their journey on the marketplace. Better understanding this journey allows you to send the right message to the right customer at the right place and time.

We combine Amazon DSP and Sponsored Advertising into a single reporting lens for intelligent insight into how shoppers interact with your brand and products during their journey.

  • Greater Data for Greater Visibility

    We give you a data-driven understanding of your customer’s journey through the platform, from preliminary searches to the moment of purchase.
  • Full-Funnel Advertising Across Platforms

    We link in Amazon DSP and Amazon Sponsored Advertising into a single dashboard to make decisions based on the broad performance of your advertising investment in whole.
  • The Right Message at the Right Time

    We cater advertising to the customer’s place in the purchasing journey, driving traffic to both brand stores and specific product detail pages.

“When we combine the innovative qualities of Amazon DSP with the strength of Paid Search, it creates a powerful and unprecedented way to get your products in front of the right people at the right time. It’s an advertising technique that virtually guarantees a drastic increase in sales growth.”

– Joe Huber, Sr. Director of Advertising –

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