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Guide to Amazon DSP Advertising

Finding that elusive customer. At times, it may feel like a game of hide and seek, but Amazon DSP can help.

Your product may be readily accessible but connecting with your actual customer still remains a challenge. As a successful vendor or brand looking to grow in the vast eCommerce landscape, your business simply cannot afford to wait for customers to accidentally discover your products. To solve this critical challenge, Amazon has developed Amazon DSP (Amazon Demand-Side Platform) as a solution for scaling marketing and advertising strategies to drive sales.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP (formally known as Amazon Advertising Platform or AAP) is a demand-side platform that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad and data exchange accounts through a single interface. Amazon Demand-Side Platform offers power and flexibility by providing brands the ability to self-manage programmatic digital media campaigns which means advertisers have extensive opportunities to drive awareness, consideration and sales on and off the platform.

Not only can ads be scaled at large to target qualified in-market shoppers across all Amazon owned-and-operated sites and apps, but you can also reach Amazon shoppers across all leading publishers’ sites and mobile apps as well as through the largest third-party exchanges.

Amazon DSP Advertising

Audience Targeting

During campaign creation and optimization, advertisers possess the ability to create custom audience segments specific to their products and categories to ensure a highly relevant user experience. This is due in large part to Amazon’s exclusive 1st party shopper data that is refreshed in real time, providing best in class in-market targeting capabilities. Their ability to know when a customer makes a purchase, and adjust ad targeting accordingly creates a huge advantage over other demand-side-platforms that often utilize outdated or stale data.

Ad Types

Amazon DSP has two advertising options: display ads and video ads.

DSP ads appear on, Amazon owned web properties (such as IMDB, Goodreads, and more), other popular websites and well-known mobile apps.

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Reporting Metrics

Furthermore, Amazon DSP provides full-funnel reporting metrics including domain level reporting and audience insights data which enables advertisers to better understand the path to purchase, from when the ad was first served to specific actions the customer takes after.

How to Use Amazon Demand-Side Platform

Amazon DSP allows advertisers to execute and optimize programmatic digital media campaigns focused on driving awareness, consideration and sales. It provides highly accurate in-market targeting using exclusive 1st party shopper data that is refreshed in real time, enabling ads to be served to customers in a relevant and timely manner.

Incorporating Amazon DSP into your overall marketing strategy will help target customers at various points during their shopping journey. This is one of the most effective tools for brands looking to take their advertising strategies and sales performance to the next level.

Programmatic is a great solution for executing branding initiatives because it gives advertisers more efficiency and less waste, using frequency management and a better understanding of their audience. Through programmatic, advertisers have access to more high-quality supply and formats like video (on connected TV as well as in-stream and out-stream online video across desktop and mobile), digital out-of-home, audio, and high-impact display.

Ed Dinichert, Director of Global Programmatic Advertising Sales at Amazon Advertising
(quoted from Branding with Amazon DSP)

Getting Started

As a preferred provider that understands how brands like yours can leverage DSP advertising, let the managed-services team at Orca Pacific develop and implement strategies that are tailored to your unique business needs. Learn more about our Amazon DSP services and contact us to get started maximizing your sales potential.

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