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Unprecedented visibility into your Amazon business

Consolidate Amazon sales, site and campaign data to enable strategic decisions and measure results.

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  • Sales Trends & KPIs
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  • Content & Review Data

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Real-Time Data At Your Fingertips!

Flytedeck, from Media.Monks, is a multi-channel performance ecommerce measurement and analytics platform, using your own Amazon and product data to provide insights into sales, traffic, marketing, inventory, pricing & more. Flytedeck also features a cutting-edge overview dashboard that gives our clients unprecedented visibility into their Amazon business and the data-driven edge over their competitors.

From real-time advertising data to retail metrics and more, the Flytedeck dashboard is a single entry point to leverage the full range of capabilities that our software offers.

Accelerate Your Growth

Drive Measurable Results and Discover New Opportunities for Incremental Growth on the Platform.

  • Know the Value of Moving to Page 1

    Quantify the level of investment it will take to move you up the search page against the return that you can expect.
  • Measure the Impact of Your Advertising

    Visualize advertising-attributed sales against organic sales to measure the impact of your paid media strategy over time and across your entire catalog.
  • Discover Under-Indexed Opportunities

    With visibility into the performance of your entire catalog at an ASIN level, you can identify which up-and-coming items are candidates for advertising and promotion.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competitors by Knowing Where You Stand and Discovering Windows of Opportunity.

Amazon Dashboard Reporting
  • Measure Organic and Paid Share of Voice

    Quantify your brand’s share of voice on Page 1-10 of search at a keyword level and compare yourself against competitors in the same space.
  • Analyze the Impact of Price Elasticity

    Visualize retail pricing against actual sales velocity over time to help map out promotion opportunities and forecast for demand based on fluctuations in price.
  • Optimize Ad Campaigns with AI-Driven Solutions

    Use programmatic advertising solutions like day and time parting to optimize your Amazon advertising performance and drive efficiency.

Gain More Transparency

Get a Deeper View Into Your Amazon Business with Next-Level Data Visible Over Time.

Amazon Specialists
  • View All of Your Data in One Place

    Ditch your spreadsheets in favor of a single easy-to-navigate dashboard with data available over time, not just in snapshots like in Amazon’s portals.
  • Measure Content Efficacy, Ratings, and Reviews

    Know how your content is impacting your sales and conversion and stay abreast of customer ratings and reviews so you can action accordingly.
  • Track Inventory and Forecast in Real Time

    Get visibility into what is in-stock, overstock, under-stock, or simply old/unhealthy. With an easy view of weeks of cover, you can measure if inventory is in a good place or needs attention.

Protect Your Profitability

Feel Secure in the Profitability of Your Amazon Business with Added Levels of Visibility and Analysis.

Amazon Buy Buy Tracking
  • Defend the Amazon Buy Box

    Monitor your buy box win percentage from Seller Central, Vendor Central, and from your detail pages to take action if your win rate is declining or if your pricing is being uncut.
  • Discover Who You’re Losing To

    Track specific seller names across your catalog to see at an ASIN level who you are losing the buybox to, when, and how often.
  • Analyze Your “CRaP” Products

    Get detailed visibility into declining ASPs and analyze your profitability across your entire catalog.

Develop Data-Driven Strategies

Correlate and Overlay Your Data to Glean New Insights and Develop Strategies on the Cutting Edge.

Amazon Strategic Consulting
  • Correlate DSP and Search Advertising

    Overlay DSP and Search Advertising performance to understand the impact of your full-funnel advertising strategy.
  • Combine 1P and 3P Sales Data

    Analyze your 1P and 3P unit and dollar sales in combination to get a full lens of the overall Amazon business and see the split of volume between the two channels.
  • Measure Review Scores Against Sales Velocity

    View full review details (rating, type, content) and correlate sales trends with review trends to visualize impacts of review quantities and scores on sales velocity and conversion.
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