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Amazon unBoxed 2022

by Orca Pacific

amazon unboxed sponsors 2022

Media.Monks is thrilled to be a sponsor of Amazon’s unBoxed event hosted by Amazon Ads. This event will be held on October 25-27 in New York. Will we see you there? Let us know by filling out this form.

All advertisers share one common goal and that is to get their ads in front of the most relevant users but never at the cost of appearing next to unsafe content. It is now more important than ever for advertisers to reduce the risk associated with programmatic advertising (such as Amazon DSP) by defining what […]

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Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform)

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad and data exchange accounts through a single interface. Amazon Demand-Side Platform offers power and flexibility by providing brands the ability to self-manage programmatic digital media campaigns which means advertisers have extensive opportunities to drive awareness, consideration and sales on and off the Amazon platform.

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Due to Amazon’s continued success, sellers and vendors must actively optimize their advertising strategy to keep up with the competition and demand. At Orca Pacific, we work with our clients to mitigate challenges they face and optimize their advertising strategies to outrank competitors, increase sales, and reduce ACoS.  In 2018, Amazon Advertising was launched as […]

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Amazon entered the market in the early 2000s and has greatly expanded over the years, becoming one of the largest eCommerce retailers in the market. As Amazon continues to grow, more and more Amazon sellers are starting to strategize different ways to keep up with the competition. Some might need assistance in strategizing their efforts […]

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Coming off of the holiday season and keeping in mind the impact of COVID on the market, it’s not surprising to see a drop in sales on the Amazon platform in Q1 of 2022. Q1 2021 was pre-vaccine, whereas this year we’re seeing many businesses go back to brick and mortar at a much higher rate. […]

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Stay up to date on our podcast eCommerce Deep Dive. Check out the latest episode below. Within the fast-paced and dynamic selling environment of Amazon, keeping up with new trends is crucial for competitive advantage. Amazon is constantly diversifying and innovating their features with sustainability and enhancing the customer journey in mind. Below are top […]

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Expanded Advertising Services

We are excited to announce that Orca Pacific can now offer Sponsored Advertising services for an expanded list of retailers including Target, Staples, Macy’s, CVS, and more. This is in addition to our recent expansion to Walmart and Instacart advertising services. This expansion of advertising services is a continuation of the momentum that we have […]

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Walmart & Instacart Advertising Services

Orca Pacific is now offering Sponsored Advertising services for and Instacart. For the very first time, we are going beyond the Amazon marketplace to help brands reach customers across the broader eCommerce landscape. This expansion of services is a continuation of the momentum that we’ve been building over the past 12 years, including the […]

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