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Questions to Ask When Hiring an Amazon Marketing Agency

Article by: Orca Pacific

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Amazon entered the market in the early 2000s and has greatly expanded over the years, becoming one of the largest eCommerce retailers in the market. As Amazon continues to grow, more and more Amazon sellers are starting to strategize different ways to keep up with the competition. Some might need assistance in strategizing their efforts to increase revenues and mitigate any frustrations that come with being a seller, while others might need extra hands to meet demand and maintain sales. In any case, sellers might consider outsourcing their efforts to an Amazon marketing agency that has the industry knowledge and expertise. 

To get the most out of working with an Amazon marketing agency, sellers should find one that best aligns with their business. In speaking with several industry experts with extensive experience with the Amazon marketplace, we have compiled the top four questions to ask all potential Amazon agencies to ensure all goals and expectations can be met. 

1. What are your advertising capabilities, and do you have any case studies to show your work?

Amazon Marketing Services provides a few different tools to drive traffic to a seller’s Product Detail Page and Brand Store. To provide optimal advertising services, Amazon agencies should have access to an API integration to manage and report on different ad campaigns. These metrics can be shared with the client for full transparency and actionable insights to ensure sellers get the return they hope to get from the agency. 

As a full-service account management agency for Amazon and other eCommerce platforms, Orca Pacific works with clients on their Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and DSP. By combining programmatic technology and advertising expertise, sellers can expect to increase visibility and improve customer conversion. Reputable agencies should have examples on hand for potential clients to review. Check out Orca Pacific’s case studies here.

2. How experienced is your team and how vast is your team’s knowledge of Amazon Ads and SEO?

With Amazon’s continued growth, it is no surprise that consumers are searching for products on Amazon rather than Google. Due to the increase in search results on Amazon, it is important to be mindful of the SEO strategy and optimization. Brands can rank high on the search results to ensure consumers see their products over their competitors. Agencies should have the ability to strategically make decisions based on data they get from each campaign, rather than outdated data. The team should consist of specialists across the full Amazon spectrum, not just in one particular niche, who can effectively optimize the seller’s Amazon advertising strategy. 

Working with Orca Pacific, brands can be confident in their Amazon advertising strategy as most team members have previously worked for Amazon in the past. Working with a team that has an extensive knowledge of the Amazon marketplace is a perk in and of itself, but having the ability to expand into other marketplaces is a bonus – Orca Pacific can help sellers with their advertising strategy on Instacart, Walmart, and beyond.

3. What sets you apart from other Amazon marketing agencies?

There are some agencies that depend on third-party tools to provide data on campaigns while other agencies have their own proprietary tools to provide real-time data. When searching for an agency, sellers should be confident that the agency they choose stands out from the rest – either through service offerings, experience, or pricing. Finding the agency’s competitive advantage will ensure sellers make the best decision for their brand. It is important to note that some agencies will NOT implement the recommended changes, which means sellers will have to invest in an additional in-house team to implement those changes on top of hiring said agency. The more service offerings, the better as it cuts down having to outsource other agencies for different platforms.

Partnering with an Amazon preferred partner means sellers are working with industry thought leaders who use a combination of expertise and state-of-the-art technology to carry out cutting-edge Amazon strategies. A couple of benefits that come with hiring Orca Pacific are getting access to new beta programs released by Amazon and bypassing Amazon’s minimum advertising spend of $35,000 for DSP.

Flytedeck by Media.Monks is a proprietary software platform that uses AI and machine learning to pull real-time data. When a seller works with the team at Orca Pacific, a Media.Monks company, they can be confident that all decisions are carefully calculated using real-time data to maximize ROI. Sellers are able to review their current status through this tool at any point during the day to make the best decisions for their business.

4. Do you have the time and bandwidth to successfully work with my brand?

When searching for an Amazon marketing agency, be sure to ask if the agency has the time and bandwidth to take on the extra work without feeling overwhelmed. The agency should be committed and work as an extension to the team. At Orca Pacific, sellers will have at least two dedicated experts (one ad manager and one account manager) who will report back bi-weekly with key metrics. Brands will always be able to reach one of the account managers should anything out of the ordinary happen. 

It should be noted that the best agency to work with is one that is experienced globally. This will allow brands to work with an agency that is well-versed in different markets should the brand choose to move globally. Orca Pacific has a variety of clients in different industries and countries, which allows for strategic decision-making based on past experience with other brands and campaigns.


To ensure sellers make the right decision, they should approach this process carefully. Whether the goal is to rank higher with SEO on Amazon search, drive traffic with Amazon Advertising, establish a strong presence with a game-changing Brand Store, or close the sale with a high-impact Product Detail Page on Amazon, rest assured that the Orca Pacific team will do everything in their power to help sellers meet their goals. Based in Amazon’s backyard, the team of over 50 experts with in-depth Amazon knowledge and industry expertise can assist sellers with their Amazon strategy. 

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