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Orca Pacific is a premier Amazon agency that works with 1P vendors and 3P sellers. When you work with us, our Amazon account management team will:

  • Grow your business and optimize performance on the platform.
  • Offer over a decade of inside expertise through our staff of former Amazonians and retail-industry experts.
  • Provide unprecedented levels of insight and automation through our advanced technology suite.
  • Maintain rock-solid integrity and professionalism in all that we do.

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Amazon Account Management Services

Amazon Account Management Services

Amazon is a large and complex marketplace, offering brands and manufacturers a range of options for selling their products. Our Amazon account management services cover all of them, including hybrid models—and we can help you determine which is best for your business.

Amazon Vendor Central Management

Vendor Central Management

Sell directly to Amazon as a wholesale vendor. We manage and advise on both your catalog and your Amazon relationship.

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Amazon Seller Consulting

Seller Central Management

Sell directly to customers through the Amazon sellers’ marketplace. We are your Amazon seller account management team optimizing your catalog and providing strategic guidance.

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Orca Pacific Boosts Business 50% With Amazon Account Management

A leading arts, crafts and sewing manufacturer came to Orca Pacific with lackluster performance on Amazon: While managing their own account, they’d seen just $5-10k per month in sales for several years. Within two months, our Amazon account management team grew their business following our proven approach to performance.


Orca Pacific helped this arts, crafts and sewing manufacturer:

  • Grow their business around 50% month over month.
  • Reach over $200k per month in sales within six months, up from $5-10k per month previously.
  • Achieve a triple-digit annual growth rate, after years of stagnant sales.

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Amazon Account Management Case Study

Full-Service Account Management Agency


Listing Optimization
Amazon’s search algorithm is the key to getting your products in front of your target customers. Our team will review, refine and update your titles, images, product descriptions and keywords to maximize traffic and customer visibility.

Enhanced Content
As a brand owner, we will differentiate your product catalog from your competitors by creating a robust customer experience for Amazon shoppers. By leveraging your digital assets, our team will tell an impactful story about your brand and product catalog that ultimately drives sales.

Brand Store
Create a fully dimensional shopping experience that showcases your brand. Our team will build a customized storefront where Amazon shoppers will experience your product catalog.


Inventory Planning & Forecasting
Through diligent planning and communication, our team will ensure your products are always in stock thus maximizing top line volume.

Fulfillment & Packaging
Fulfillment and packaging strategies are fundamental elements of succeeding on the Amazon. By identifying opportunities for shared efficiencies and capitalizing on them, our team will identify and propose opportunities that result in win-win scenarios.

Advertising & Marketing

Amazon Paid Search
Using our proprietary technology, our advertising team strategically creates customized campaigns for your brand. By minimizing advertising costs per click, our team delivers the maximum ROI for any budget.

Deals / Coupons / Promotions
Promotions are one of the best ways for products to stand out from the competition. Our team will create and execute these opportunities driving meaningful sales for your brand.


Profitability concerns are becoming increasingly common for Amazon and by extension their vendors. Our team diligently works to maintain as much of the catalog as possible in a financially sustainable manner.

1P to 3P Transition
With Amazon’s shift to focusing on profitability, brands are adopting their own direct to consumer approach by joining the marketplace. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your catalogue and will design a transition strategy that minimizes disruptions to your business.

New Product Launch
Rolling out a new product on Amazon is a multi-phase process that requires a deep understanding of the category and marketplace. Our team will create a go-to-market strategy that creates brand awareness for customers resulting in exponential sales growth.

Maximize Your Potential on Amazon

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