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Amazon Product Listing Optimization

We Design and Optimize Best-In-Class Product Listings to Increase Discoverability and Improve Customer Conversion.

Optimized content attracts customers by increasing search ranking and converts them by offering compelling reasons to purchase. The Amazon Product Detail Page is among the final steps in the customer journey, so everything from images and bullet points to reviews and ratings need to be building the customer’s confidence in your product and brand. Now’s the time to improve your Amazon product listings.

Amazon Product Listing

Amazon Brand Stores

Brand stores are like a site within a site. Your catalog is on display for shoppers to browse away from the crowded search page. We help you make the most of this branded opportunity by showcasing your value and building customer affinity for your brand.

Nearly 80% of Amazon shoppers use Amazon to discover new products or brands. And brand stores are the only place on the platform where you can make your introduction without the threat of your competitor. Set yourself apart with a custom storefront, then attract a crowd to it with managed advertising campaigns.

Amazon Brand Story
  • Keep Your Optimization Ongoing

    We optimize your storefront throughout the year to drive traffic to seasonal and holiday items which may not have a chance to gain organic relevance on the search page.
  • Gain Momentum with New Products

    We rapidly build momentum for your new products by strategically marketing new listings with your best-sellers.
  • Keep Customers Engaged

    We help shoppers build an affinity for your brand with strategic storefronts designed to maintain engagement.

Above the Fold (Basic Content)

Every Image, Bullet Point, & Description Needs to Build Confidence in the Customer So That They, Ultimately, Click "Add to Cart".

We build product detail pages that not only get your product discovered through search, but will make your product stand out among your competitors. Whether you sell lotion or lawnmowers, we will increase discoverability, improve your conversion rate and grow sales by optimizing your basic content.

  • Data-Driven Amazon SEO

    First, our technology reveals what customers are searching for. Then, we use that insight to optimize your content and increase your product's discoverability.
  • Amazon Best Practices

    We keep all of your content within Amazon's guidelines, plain and simple.
  • Improve the Customer Experience

    We look to improve your customer's experience on the product page using video, high-quality pictures, and 360 degree images.

Below the Fold (A+/Enhanced Brand Content)

As the customer scrolls beyond the basic content, they uncover more information about your product and brand with enhanced/A+ content. This is where you have an opportunity to communicate the value of your brand and provide the researching customer with more reasons to purchase.

We design best-in-class enhanced/A+ content that satisfies both form and function. With SEO keywords layered throughout the copy, your organic search ranking will rise. With stunning designs and compelling layouts, your brand will stand tall among competitors.

  • Keyword Optimization

    We layer in the keywords from our SEO research throughout your below-the-fold content.
  • Connected Brand Messaging

    We strive to match your Amazon branding to the high-quality design of your own website.
  • Comparison Charts

    We utilize comparison charts to cross-sell and up-sell while keeping customers within your branded experience.

“In “brick-and-mortar” retail, you have no choice but to relinquish control over the sales experience. On Amazon, the tables are turned. You can reclaim the customer journey with content that highlights the value of your product and brand while driving traffic with SEO.”

– Kashif Zafar, EVP of Sales and Marketing –

Launching a new product on Amazon is like being thrown into the cockpit of a plane in flight. There are dozens of levers and flashing buttons but no clear indication of how to stay in the air. It’s not enough to have an amazing product. And shoveling loads of cash into advertising simply does not […]

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