Author: Xuanmai Vo

Every year starting in January, first-party (1P) vendors on Amazon must thoroughly assess their prior year’s performance and propose new trade terms for the upcoming year. This process is called Amazon Vendor Negotiations (AVN) or Joint Business Plan (JBP); both are synonymous, so the name boils down to different preferences. Nonetheless, the information still pertains […]

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Media.Monks is thrilled to be named the Best Commerce Agency Services winner in this year’s 2022 AdExchanger Awards. Announced on October 17th at the AdExchanger Awards gala during Programmatic I/O, this award recognizes Media.Monks as the best-in-class commerce advertising services to level up brands’ potential, further emphasizing the value of working with a trusted AmazonAds […]

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All advertisers share one common goal and that is to get their ads in front of the most relevant users but never at the cost of appearing next to unsafe content. It is now more important than ever for advertisers to reduce the risk associated with programmatic advertising (such as Amazon DSP) by defining what […]

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If you are selling on Amazon, you may find yourself scratching your head wondering why your competitors are outranking and outselling you. An important component of succeeding as an Amazon seller is to market your products through Sponsored Ads, A+ Content, Basic Content, etc. Read about Amazon Advertising here. That said, crafting a product listing to persuade shoppers to choose your product over your competitors requires an in-depth understanding of testing methods and analyzing results. Since this is not a one-time task, it is critical to run A/B testing on various elements of your listing and identify which version performs best. 


Due to Amazon’s continued success, sellers and vendors must actively optimize their advertising strategy to keep up with the competition and demand. At Orca Pacific, we work with our clients to mitigate challenges they face and optimize their advertising strategies to outrank competitors, increase sales, and reduce ACoS.  In 2018, Amazon Advertising was launched as […]

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To successfully grow a business, it’s important to understand the customer’s journey and overall experience. When it comes to Amazon, the best way to own the customer journey starts by building an Amazon Brand Store. Amazon Brand Stores are digital storefronts that help strengthen credibility and increase brand value. Customization is made easy through predesigned […]

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