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Amazon Seller Central empowers brand owners, manufacturers and resellers to sell direct to consumers worldwide. As an Amazon 3P marketplace seller, you get greater control over pricing and content for your brand and products — but this brings with it a wide variety of elements to monitor and track across your catalog.

That’s where Orca Pacific comes in. Our Amazon Seller Central consultants can help you make actionable business decisions and optimize your account to increase sales. We’ve been working closely with Amazon for over a decade, and pride ourselves on being Amazon Marketplace experts.

What’s more, our agency leverages a powerful technology stack that gives us complete visibility into your products, allowing us to keep our finger on the pulse of your brand. We monitor changes and updates to your entire catalog to notify you before issues become problems. And detailed reporting and analytics capabilities give us in-depth insights to maximize your performance on the platform.

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By combining our Amazon seller consulting expertise with industry-leading technology, Orca Pacific provides complete real-time visibility into your entire catalog. Our team tracks and monitors:

  • Customer Reviews & Comments: We monitor new reviews and questions, as well as track product rating trends. This gives us real time alerts when a negative review is posted and we work with you to find the right strategy to address ongoing customer issues.
  • Buy Box, Pricing & MAP Monitoring: We track the price of every one of your products and know who is winning the buy box at all times. This gives us the ability to effectively monitor MAP policies, work to control the third-party marketplace and gain valuable insights based on pricing trends.
  • Basic, A+, and Enhanced Brand Content: Our tools give us the ability to easily view content across your entire catalog and see a snapshot of missing or incomplete content. This allows us to effectively optimize your content and identify immediately when changes are made to your content without your consent.
  • Search Ranking & Badges: We track your products’ search rankings and badges (i.e., “Amazon’s Choice,” “Best Seller,” etc.) across strategic keywords, so we can determine opportunities for improving your visibility and track the effectiveness of advertising strategies.

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Amazon FBA Consulting

Amazon Seller Central Consulting Services


Listing Optimization
To effectively sell to your target customers, you need to optimize your content for Amazon’s search algorithm. We’ll review, refine and update your product detail pages to maximize traffic and discoverability.

Enhanced Brand Content
Differentiate your product catalog from your competitors by creating a robust customer experience for Amazon shoppers. By using your digital assets effectively, our team will tell an impactful story about your brand and product catalog that helps drive sales.

Brand Store
Create an engaging and effective shopping experience that showcases your brand. Our team will build a customized storefront where Amazon shoppers can fully explore your product catalog.


1P / 3P Hybrid Strategy
In an effort to get the most from Amazon, brands are adopting a hybrid approach to selling on Amazon. These decisions can be difficult to navigate and can impact your existing Amazon business. Our team will work with you to conduct a thorough analysis of your catalog, and design a transition strategy that meets your goals and minimizes disruptions to your business.

New Product Launch
Rolling out a new product on Amazon is a multi-phase process that requires a deep understanding of the category and marketplace. Our Amazon seller consultants will create a go-to-market strategy that builds brand awareness for customers, contributing to exponential sales growth.


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
Scale operations and logistics by partnering with Amazon while providing an exceptional customer experience. With multiple program options, our team of Amazon FBA experts will help you decide on the fulfillment method that makes the most sense for your business.

Inventory Planning & Forecasting
Striking the right balance between product supply and customer demand shouldn’t be costly. Our team will monitor and manage inventory levels to ensure consistent availability by minimizing lost sales opportunities. Through planning and communication about stock levels and demand forecasts, you’ll maximize top-line volume while following Amazon’s just-in-time, demand-driven inventory model.

Advertising & Marketing

Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brand Ads
Using our proprietary technology, our advertising team strategically creates customized campaigns for your brand. By minimizing ACoS (advertising cost of sale), we’ll deliver the maximum return on investment for any budget.

Deals / Coupons / Promotions
Promotions are one of the best ways for products to stand out from the competition. Our team will create and execute these opportunities, driving meaningful sales for your brand.


Sales Performance
Understanding how your product catalog performs is crucial to sales growth on Amazon. Our innovative technology gives us access to detailed reporting and analytics, so we can thoroughly analyze your catalog performance to identify opportunities that maximize profitability.

Account Health
Amazon holds its Marketplace sellers to an incredibly high standard. Our technology stack allows us to monitor your account in real time and ensure issues are solved in a timely manner — so your business maintains exemplary performance metrics.

Seller Central Case Study

A premiere manufacturer of Luggage came to Orca Pacific seeking a Seller Central agency to help them launch their new brand on Amazon. As a seller on the Amazon Marketplace, they immediately encountered multiple hurdles that were inhibiting their customer reach and sales potential. From a strategy and execution perspective, Orca Pacific focused on the key inputs of advertising, both on and off-site, as well as fulfillment to accelerate growth as a measurable output. Within three months of working together, the Amazon business rapidly took off with sales increasing 25x, units sold increasing by 38x and traffic increasing by 8x.

We have a proven approach to accelerating sales on the Amazon marketplace. Let’s discuss how we can put our expertise to work for you.

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Amazon FBA Consultant Case Study