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Amazon A+ Content: Guide to Take Full Advantage

John L. Ghiorso

Article by: John L. Ghiorso

Are you taking full advantage of your Amazon product detail pages? As a vendor, one of the biggest factors to increasing conversion rates on your product detail page is the inclusion of Amazon A+ Content. Amazon’s own research and analytics shows that A+ Enhanced Marketing Content increases product sales by an average of 3-10%, giving brands a big advantage in a competitive retail space.

Amazon A+ Content is available to first-party (1P) vendors and allows them to add high-quality images and comparison charts to their product descriptions, boosting conversions with more detail, and persuasive content that goes way beyond text on a page. Third-party (3P) sellers using Seller Central can take advantage of high impact content through Enhanced Brand Content.

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In This Article:

Advantages of Amazon A+ Content

Everyone knows that pictures are more persuasive sales tools than simply text on a screen, but there are some unique advantages of Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content:

  • Enhance your brand. With Amazon A+ Content, your product detail pages can be more visually consistent with your brand, and reflect more of your brand messaging. Bringing your branding to your Amazon product pages increases recognition and brand loyalty, and it’s an important benefit of using A+ Enhanced Marketing Content.
  • Create comparison charts. Amazon often adds a product comparison widget to product pages, helping consumers make the right product choice for them. With A+ Enhance Marketing Content, you can create your own comparison charts to help educate and inform consumers yourself. Your charts cannot compare your product with the competition, but it’s a fantastic way to showcase your related products and feature comparisons within a single ASIN. Charts can help consumers choose the right product within your brand family. This often prevents customers from navigating to another brand’s product page.
    A+ Content - Comparison Chart
  • Stay competitive. If your competition is selling their products with slideshows, and interactive charts, it’s a good idea for you to step up and do the same.

Is Amazon A+ Content Right for You?

Before you begin adding A+ Content to all your ASINs, it’s important to consider how each product fits into your overall marketing strategy, and evaluate your needs accordingly.

Do you qualify?

In the beginning, A+ Enhanced Marketing Content was only open to Amazon vendors (1P), not sellers (3P). However, Amazon has significantly expanded the program since its inception, and the rules have changed. Today, Amazon offers A+ Enhanced Marketing Content for first party vendors on Vendor Central and Enhanced Brand Content for third-party sellers on Seller Central. A third-party Amazon seller is only eligible if they’re brand-registered. Vendors and sellers have different levels of enhanced content available to them, with different numbers of modules and content types.

Do you have the right ASINs?

Creating Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content takes time, and might even cost you money if you need to create new content and material for your A+ detail pages. This is an investment in your product, your brand, and your position in the minds of Amazon shoppers. It’s important that you invest in the right products for your Enhanced Content, to make the most of the program.

  1. Choose a product with the right margin. Depending on your production costs to create high-quality enhanced marketing content, you will be investing in marketing each ASIN. Assuming you can boost conversions by 3-10%, how long will it take for A+ Content to pay for itself on that ASIN? Assess your existing marketing assets along with the costs (internal and external) to create new content. This will help you figure out which products make the most sense for the budget.
  2. Choose a product with the right features. An ASIN with strong differentiators, complex features, or a compelling story lends itself to enhanced content. A simple product that doesn’t require detailed explanation, zooms or exploded images, or doesn’t lend itself to feature comparison probably isn’t the best choice for A+ Enhanced Marketing Content.
  3. Choose a product with the right traffic. Amazon A+ Content may offer a slight uptick in SEO, but shouldn’t be relied upon to boost traffic. Choose an ASIN where you can focus on converting the traffic you already have, and where your channel marketing efforts will pay off the most.

Planning Your A+ Content

Your A+ Content is as important and visible as any other marketing content you create, and therefore should be treated as such. Here are some things to keep in mind when gathering assets for A+ Content.

  • Look after the details. With Amazon A+ Content, you don’t have real-time control over your product pages. It can take Amazon a week or more to correct Typos, omissions, and mistakes you catch after publishing your A+ Enhanced Marketing Content. Be thoughtful and plan carefully. It’s a good idea to have multiple people proofread and double check your content before publishing. Also, don’t forget to optimize A+ Content for mobile.
  • Design to spec. Whatever template or module you use, Amazon provides resolution, dimensions, and other guidelines that should be followed closely. Read and review the guidelines carefully. This ensures that your marketing assets look as good on your Amazon pages as they do on your monitor.

Closing Thoughts

Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content can be a powerful way to increase sales and revenue through Amazon. But it’s not just about boosting conversions; it’s also about boosting your brand. With enhanced detail pages, you can more effectively communicate your value proposition and your brand identity. As a result, you will turn Amazon shoppers into your loyal customers. These incredible tools should be used thoughtfully and strategically to make the most of your relationship with Amazon and your customers. At Orca Pacific, we take a full-funnel approach to building the long-term success of our clients’ Amazon businesses. A+ Content is just one of the many marketing tactics we use in developing individualized strategies for growing sales and profitability for our clients. Contact us to discuss on we can start maximizing your potential on Amazon.

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