Maximize Your Amazon Potential with a Brand-First Marketing Strategy

Article by: Xuanmai Vo


Amazon sellers must recognize the platform’s potential as a branding channel to maximize results. However, recent concerns over fake reviews and paid placements have eroded consumer trust in the site. When shoppers don’t trust Amazon as a whole, they rely on the brand of individual products. That’s why building a strong brand on Amazon is crucial for capturing consumer dollars; sellers should consider a brand-first marketing strategy and be confident in their pricing, even if it’s higher than competitors. A multifaceted approach combining organic and paid strategies is the key to accomplishing this goal.


In this video, John Ghiorso, SVP of Global eCommerce at Media.Monks, discusses five steps that Amazon sellers can take to build a strong brand on Amazon and maximize its full potential.


1: Optimize Your Content for Maximum Impact 

Sellers should optimize product titles, descriptions, bullet points, and images to showcase the unique selling points and create a compelling user experience. It is essential to include high-quality images that highlight the products from different angles and provide clear visuals of the products’ features. In addition, including customer reviews, Q&A, and A+ Content can help shoppers understand the product better and make informed buying decisions.


2: Create a Robust Brand Store

The Brand Store is a dedicated space where sellers can create a customized page to reflect their brand’s unique look and feel. Sellers can use this space to tell their brand story, highlight products, showcase video content, and cross-promote products. For further impact, sellers can also use Brand Analytics to gain insights into their customer base and optimize their content to improve engagement and sales.

Learn how to enhance the shopper experience with an Amazon Brand Store here.


3: Maintain Consistency in Your Branding

Ensuring consistency in branding, design, and messaging across all channels can help create a cohesive brand identity that shoppers will trust on the Amazon platform. By maintaining a consistent color scheme and typography across the board, sellers can create a recognizable look and feel that Amazon shoppers can easily associate with the brand. Consistency in branding and messaging is crucial in building trust with shoppers and creating a lasting impression.


4: Engage in Free Programs to Boost Your Brand Awareness

Amazon offers several free programs for sellers to boost their brand awareness and increase sales on the platform. Programs such as Posts, Inspire, and Amazon Live enable sellers to create engaging content to showcase their products and brand. 

  • With Posts, sellers can create shoppable images, videos, and content that appear on the product detail pages and related feeds. 
  • Inspire is a Q&A feature that enables customers to ask questions and receive answers from other customers or the brand. 
  • Amazon Live allows sellers to stream live video content to showcase their products and offer promotions to viewers.


5: Invest in Paid Advertising for Maximum Exposure

Investing in Amazon’s mid and upper-funnel advertising opportunities is essential for creating brand awareness, driving trial, and securing new customers. 

Let’s dive into this a bit more: 

A seller of gaming accessories can invest in mid and upper-funnel advertising opportunities on Amazon to create brand awareness, drive trial, and secure new customers. They can use target specific keywords using Sponsored Products, create custom ads to showcase their branding and products using Sponsored Brands, and retarget shoppers who have viewed their products but have yet to make a purchase using Sponsored Display ads. Video advertising can also differentiate their brand from competitors by creating engaging content that showcases their products and creates an emotional connection with potential customers.

Read our advertising guide for more details. 


Final thoughts

Building a strong brand on Amazon is essential for success as a seller on the platform. By following the five steps outlined above – high-quality content, a robust Brand Store, consistency in branding, engagement in free programs, and investment in paid advertising – Amazon sellers can create a brand that stands out from the competition and captures consumer dollars.


If you have any questions or need further guidance on how to build a successful brand on Amazon, we’re here to help. Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist you in your journey to becoming a top Amazon seller! 

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