How to Approach Operations for Amazon Seller Success

Article by: Xuanmai Vo

The importance of a holistic strategy on Amazon. ⚙️

When it comes to selling on Amazon, taking a holistic approach is the key to winning on the platform. Building your advertising, content, and operations strategy in silos can have a positive impact for a brand, but when approached together and in a specific sequence, there’s an opportunity to grow and scale. 

Even for brands that are aggressive on Amazon, there is still somewhat of an order of operations in terms of what you approach and what you try to do well first. That doesn’t mean you can’t do these things in parallel, but you don’t want to do these things in the opposite order.” -John Ghiorso.


Tune in as Media.Monks John Ghiorso, SVP of eCommerce, and Heather Geurkink, VP of Client Services, construct an order of operations for holistic success on the Amazon platform. 

Topics include: 

Identifying the value of paid advertising on Amazon

Why setting up automation is critical for your Amazon business

Parameters around the order of operations on Amazon 


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