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Amazon Seller Considerations Q4 2022: Operations, Direct Fulfillment, Shipping

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The customer is paramount on the Amazon platform. 💡 

Tune in below as John Ghiorso, SVP of eCommerce at Media.Monks, and Heather Geurkink, VP of Client Services at Media.Monks, unpack the current state of Amazon’s operational environment, the landscape of the holiday season, and what the future holds. 

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What factors do brands need to consider for their operations strategy?

While Amazon is not pulling back POs for this holiday season, the company is shifting gears to become more strategic. Not much has changed – it’s still about Sellers and Vendors getting on Amazon’s radar, achieving Best Sellers, having an optimized Product Detail Page, and driving heavy sales and conversion. 

Are there any best practices to tackle the current bottleneck in the system? 

Heather and John discuss the importance of direct fulfillment, issues with overseas inventory, FOB and FCA, and more. As a general rule of thumb, it’s highly encouraged that brands have Direct Fulfillment set up as a backup on the chance that Amazon does run out of a specific product. 

What’s the current state of getting products overseas to the US? 
Amazon push for FOB (Free on Board)
Strategy is dependent on who takes ownership of the port
A production issue overseas for brands not utilizing the FOB strategy
An inventory and allocation issue for brands with a sufficient FOB strategy

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