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Top 5 Best Amazon Storefront Examples

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Nearly 80% of Amazon shoppers use the platform to discover new products or brands. With Amazon storefronts, you can introduce these shoppers to your products, differentiate your brand, and drive sales across your entire catalog.

It’s like having your own custom direct-to-consumer website within the highly-trafficked webpages of the Amazon marketplace.

To serve as inspiration while you develop your own branded hub, we’ve narrowed down the Top 5 Best Amazon Storefronts on the site today.

1. Reebok’s Amazon Storefront:

A global fitness brand like Reebok needs an eye-popping Amazon storefront that can uphold the brand’s iconic presence. So it follows that they would have a best-in-class design that stand outs in the fashion category and across the platform.

Immediately the store homepage grabs the shopper’s attention and brings them into Reebok’s world through lifestyle images and ambient videos of athletes training.

The bouncing feet of a runner and strong stance of a weight lifter connect Reebok’s products to customer experience in a way other creatives can’t.

Reebok Amazon Storefront

Reebok uses large sleek graphics to promote their latest shoe, the NANO X. Clicking the promotional graphics activates a pop-up with buying options, keeping the customer locked into the storefront.

Amazon Storefront Example

At the top of the page, a banner calls attention to Reebok’s latest marketing campaign, #PermissionToPause, a content blitz providing customers with free home-workout classes, professional health tips, and fun activities to keep kids active during COVID-19.

Clicking the banner brings customers to a custom page from which to navigate the content and purchase related products.

Reebok Brand Store

Using the navigation bar or links on the homepage, customers can browse products by category, making the user experience easy and straightforward.

Subpages like “Womens,” “Mens,” and “Kids” bring customers directly to a list of products and allow Reebok to switch seasonal product lines in and out.

Subpages like “JJ Watt” and “UFC” bring customers to custom pages for Reebok’s various marketing campaigns outfitted with lifestyle images, celebrity promotionals, and related product lines.

View Reebok’s Amazon Storefront

2. Ranger Ready’s Amazon Storefront:

Ranger Ready, an up-and-coming insect repellent brand, brings customer education to the forefront of their Amazon brand store. With statistics and commonly asked questions front and center, the Ranger Ready store is a testament to the multitude of functions that an Amazon storefront can serve.

Ranger Ready Amazon Storefront

A custom page in Ranger Ready’s store is dedicated to breaking down the benefits of their repellent formula compared to their opponents.

Ranger Ready Amazon Brand Store

Another page displays a live chart of mosquito density across US regions, both generating demand for their product and keeping with the informative style of the store.

Amazon Brand Store Example

View Read Ranger’s Amazon Storefront

3. MCS Industries’ Amazon Storefront:

MCS Industries understands that customers need to visualize home decor products in a space before making their purchasing decision. That’s why the decor brand’s thoughtful storefront design looks reminiscent of a Pinterest board, with images of modern home interiors offset on either side of the grid-style homepage. Popular products and links to shop by decor style are layered throughout.

Examples of Amazon Storefronts

By selecting “Newest Arrivals” on the homepage, customers are brought to a custom page updated with the latest products. This gives customers a reason to check back in with the store and provides the decor brand a format to jumpstart their Amazon product launches.

Examples of Amazon Brand Stores

View MCS Industries Amazon Storefront

4. PK Grills’ Amazon Storefront:

PK Grills, an emerging brand in the outdoor grill category, understands what is on the mind of consumers searching to buy their products: food. That is why their Amazon brand store includes mouth-watering hero images and videos of their grills in action.

For shoppers new to the PK Grills brand, there is a carousel of “Best Sellers” and “Recommended Products” at the bottom of the homepage. Customers initially searching for a grill are given an opportunity to consider other accessories and products that they may not have otherwise purchased.

PK Grill Amazon Storefront

View PK Grills’ Amazon Storefront

5. Godiva’s Amazon Storefront:

The famous chocolate brand Godiva uses the appetizing visuals to entice shoppers to purchase. And who can blame them? Luxurious images of chocolates, much like customers expect to see from the brand, cover the storefront from top to bottom. Each image is overlaid with small markers so customers can hover their mouse over each product and view purchasing options.

Godiva Amazon Storefront

Godiva also includes a section in their Amazon storefront for gift boxes. By including bulk order options, they capitalize on an upsell opportunity that isn’t available in the Amazon search page.

Godiva Amazon Brand Store

View Godiva’s Amazon Storefront

We have several more examples of amazing storefronts from our clients. We couldn’t include them all, so we selected a sample from a variety of product categories and content strategies.

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