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Amazon Brand Stores

We build eye-popping Amazon brand stores to showcase your best sellers, highlight your seasonal items, and drive conversion with an impactful brand experience.

Nearly 80% of Amazon shoppers use the platform to discover new products or brands. And brand stores are the only place on Amazon where you can make your introduction without the threat of your competitor. Set yourself apart with a custom storefront, then attract a crowd with Amazon Paid Search and Amazon Display Advertising.

Showcase Your Entire Catalog

From best-sellers to accessories, every product in your catalog has a place on your brand store. Away from the search page algorithm, you have total control over the browsing experience.

We build brand stores that help you sell products based on your business priorities. Seasonal items, new products, and overstock items all present perfect opportunities for brand store marketing.

  • Give Visibility to Lesser-Seen Products

    We help products with poor organic ranking get seen by highlighting them on your storefront.
  • Build a Better Browsing Experience

    On a brand store, customers can browse your entire catalog in a dedicated storefront.
  • Keep Customer Eye's on Your Brand

    We help shoppers build an affinity for your brand with strategic storefronts designed to maintain engagement.

Your Branded Foothold on Amazon

The importance of a storefront goes beyond selling the products you list. The way your brand is visually represented to customers, especially new ones, will determine whether or not you gain a true following on the platform.

We strive to make your brand store look as good as your own website. With an eye for aesthetic continuity, we develop a one-of-a-kind branded experience that makes your value clear and compelling.

Amazon Content Optimization
  • Storefront Navigation Flow

    We want the browsing experience to be intuitive for shoppers, so we separate your catalog into proper sections and make navigation to those pages a breeze.
  • Copy with Customers in Mind

    Our copy experts know how to shape your language to best fit your audience and represent your brand.
  • Videos and Lifestyle Images

    We take advantage of every creative opportunity to show your products in action.

Year-Round Storefront Optimization

Whatever the season or occasion, we ensure that your brand store is optimized to support your brand message and drive conversion. More than just a place

We find every opportunity to leverage the calendar and highlight your products.

  • Overcome the Challenge of Seasonality

    We optimize your storefront throughout the year to drive traffic to seasonal and holiday items which may not have a chance to gain organic relevance on the search page.
  • Coordinate with Off-Amazon Events

    When you are running a business-specific promotion or event, we optimize your Amazon storefront to match.
  • Skyrocket Your New Products

    We rapidly build momentum for your new products by strategically marketing new listings with your best-sellers.
Amazon Seller Consulting

“"Brand stores are the cornerstone of your Amazon presence. Without a storefront, millions of customers who shop on Amazon won't have a chance to discover your brand."”

– Lars Lee, Sr. Advertising Manager –

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Gain Insights on How and Why Prime Members Shop on Amazon

Orca Pacific surveyed over 1100 Amazon Prime members and found that 63% are more likely to purchase products online with one-day shipping included. The survey results also revealed that over two-thirds of Prime Members see the current two-day shipping offer as the most valuable aspect of their Prime Membership. Download the whitepaper report to learn more about other online shopping behaviors from Amazon Prime Members including product categories, the purchasing decision, and devices used for purchasing.

2020 Amazon Prime Member Survey
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