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Amazon Sponsored Brands FAQs

Does Sponsored Brands make sense for all categories?

Yes. If there are opportunities to increase your brand’s share of voice, then you have a reason to pursue a Sponsored Brands strategy, regardless of category.

Is Sponsored Brands useful for well-known brands?

Yes. Just because your brand is well-known does not mean that it is top-of-mind for customers or incapable of being disrupted by up-and-coming brands.

Is there a correct way to split between ad tactics?

No. Allocation of investment across ad tactics will always be circumstantial.

Do Sponsored Brands ads only appear in the banner?

No. Sponsored Brands placements aren’t limited to the Amazon search banner. They can also appear in the middle and bottom of the search page.

Are there limitations to Sponsored Brands creatives?

Yes. There are character counts and prohibited terms to protect customer experience.

Does Sponsored Brands have a spending minimum?

Technically no. But there are some best practices to ensure return on investment.

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