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Manage Your Customer Engagement on Amazon

Article by: Kyle Olson

Amazon Manage Customer Engagement Email Marketing

What is Manage Your Customer Engagement?

Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) is a new Amazon program that lets brands send marketing emails directly to Amazon customers. As Amazon has rolled out more brand experiences and the ability for customers to follow and engage with your brand (Brand Stores, Amazon Posts, Amazon Live), MYCE lets you connect with those followers as well as past customers to increase the visibility of your products on Amazon.

What Can It Do?

Currently, the only option is to promote new products (6 months or less), and Amazon plans to release future campaign options in the future, such as promoting upcoming deals.

How To Access MYCE?

MYCE is available to registered brands, so as long as you are enrolled in Brand Registry you would be eligible for participation. It is still a beta program and is slowly rolling out to brands – we are seeing most 1P brands have this enabled under Merchandising > Customer Engagement, and is phased to roll out to 3P brands shortly.

How Much Does it Cost & How Does it Work?

The program is free to registered brands and the campaign setup is very straightforward, requiring just four things:

  1. Uploading a logo
  2. Selecting a product
  3. Upload a supporting/lifestyle image 
  4. Selecting a campaign delivery window (all windows are 4 day periods). 

Once submitted and the campaign delivery window comes, automated emails will be sent to those customers. Currently, the emails are highly templatized and there is no customization options for titles, text, targeting, or messaging. This may change in the future but Amazon is striving for standardization in this process and is likely to perform its own A/B testing while still in beta. For now, the emails will be distributed to customers who have opted to follow your brand on Amazon.

Performance Data

Currently, performance data is basic as well, with available metrics being just Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Total Reach, and Opt-Outs. We expect this to become more robust as the program moves through beta.

Is MYCE Worth It?

Yes! As with all Amazon beta programs, we highly encourage testing some campaigns if the program is available to you. With no cost, there is no downside to submitting a campaign and this will help capture valuable insight into if/how your followers engage on the platform to guide future advertising and marketing efforts. There is also a strong early adopter benefit to many new Amazon programs, and earlier usage may help see better results before customers get overburdened with marketing emails in the event they follow multiple brands and those brands at some point all lean into this program.

What Does the Email Look Like?

All emails are templatized and appear like the below, with the 4 inputs defined above replacing the spots in the template:

Next Steps

If you are interested, you can find the new program within your Vendor Central account under Merchandising > Customer Engagement. It’s currently not available for all Seller Central accounts but will be rolled out shortly. Or feel free to contact the Orca Pacific team to discuss how we can help you with accessing beta programs, planning a campaign, campaign activation/monitoring, and more with our full-service Amazon account management.

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