Amazon Video Advertising Strategy for Sellers

Article by: Xuanmai Vo

Whether your brand is utilizing videos on Amazon as a branding tactic or in advertising for conversions, one thing is clear; the presence of videos drives relevancy on the Amazon platform, but it requires tactful execution and direction.

Follow along as John Ghiorso, SVP of eCommerce, and Heather Geurkink, VP of Client Services, unpack what effective branding on your product detail pages looks like, the best practices for videos on Amazon, and how to drive conversions with video advertising. ⤵️

In this video, Heather talks about video best practices for Sellers as it relates to effective advertising and branding. Discover why she suggests forgoing explanation videos from your Product Detail Page (PDP) on the Amazon platform, including how to use the product, take it apart, and other irrelevant post-purchase thoughts for shoppers in the research phase.


There are two elements to having videos on the Amazon platform: 

① Short videos on Amazon Product Detail Pages are key for effective branding. 
From a practical, ROI-driven perspective, producing high-quality 15-second videos is imperative, as customers are not spending more than 15 seconds watching them.

👉 Best practices for Amazon Product Detail Pages:
∙ Avoid videos detailing a tutorial on the product
∙ Avoid any explanation videos
∙ Include 8 high-quality images

② Drive customer conversions with Video Advertising on the Amazon platform.
From a branding perspective, these videos provide an element of prestige to your overall brand. The more data-driven evidence behind this is that video matters for brand relevancy.

👉 What brands should do for effective video advertising:
∙ Consider Sponsored Brands when quantifiable results are needed to determine the impact of video on ad campaigns.
∙ Utilize Sponsored Products as an easy turnaround, high ROAS tactic to increase overall clicks and dollars.

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