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Orca Pacific Now Offers Content Syndication Through Syndigo

Article by: John L. Ghiorso

eRetailer Content Syndication Services

Orca Pacific is excited to announce that we can now offer content syndication services through Syndigo’s Content Experience Hub. With this new capability, we can help our clients syndicate their product and brand content across a wide range of eRetailers including Walmart, Target, Wayfair, Costco, Walgreens, and many more.

From hero images to comparison charts and everything in between, all aspects of digital content needed to ensure a high-quality shopping experience can be syndicated across retail platforms with speed and accuracy utilizing Syndigo’s integrated platform.

The Importance of Product and Brand Content

Product and brand content play a crucial role in the online shopper journey. Without the ability to physically experience a product or brand, customers need content to effectively communicate the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

But the best content isn’t just informative. It also keeps a customer’s attention, educates them, inspires them, and tells them a brand story.

  • Enhance Your Brand: Content should be visually consistent with your brand and reflect your brand messaging. This ensures that brand loyal customers shopping online will recognize your brand and those new to your brand will build an affinity.
  • Educate Your Shoppers: Just as a salesperson might explain the features of your product in person, your content needs to communicate what your product is and why it is worth buying. For products that aren’t common commodities, this aspect of content is especially important.
  • Increase Conversion: Statistics show time and time again that, across all eRetailers, high-quality content increases the likelihood that customers viewing your product will end up purchasing.
  • Reduce Returns: One of the most common reasons for returning a product is due to customers misunderstanding its use or value. High-quality content reduces this form of customer confusion.
  • Get Discovered: Whether shopping on Amazon or Walmart or Wayfair, customers are subject to the same basic human tendency to click on products that look visually compelling
  • Up-sell/Cross-sell: When a customer decides that your product isn’t right for them, they are likely to turn to a competitor. Comparison charts, an important aspect of content, allows you to showcase the key differences between your products so customers can find the product that works for them rather than turning to a competitor.

While maintaining best-in-class content is a must for any successful eCommerce strategy, building it out and keeping it fresh across an ever-growing list of online retail destinations is time consuming and often too slow to be effective.

Content syndication is an automated solution that allows you to publish content across your online retail destinations with speed and accuracy.

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