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Directory: Amazon Seller Software Tools

Article by: John L. Ghiorso

As it stands today, brands who want success in eCommerce must invest in quality Amazon seller tools. There’s just no way around it. The Amazon platform is built to allow for massive disruption, and those who fail to equip themselves with the industry’s best data and automation software will be left behind. That’s why there’s an entire industry built around bringing AI and machine learning capability to digital advertising, review monitoring, retail reporting and more. It’s beyond fancy data; it’s the power to outperform your competitors at every stage on the customer journey.

To help brands narrow down their options when it comes to technology, we’ve put together a list of vetted Amazon seller software tools and providers that we know to be legitimate players in the industry.

Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon Advertising Technology: 

Amazon is more than just a retailer. They’re a massive digital advertising platform with enormous upside for brands looking to drive sales and build their brand. Technology tools like Kenshoo and others give brands access to next-level data for making strategic marketing decisions. They can also provide brands with automation capability to ensure that advertising on Amazon is efficient and responsive.

  1. Kenshoo 
  2. Pacvue
  3. Downstream Impact
  4. Perpetua
  5. Sellics
  6. TeikaMetrics
  7. Seller Labs (Ignite)
  8. Viral Launch (Kinetic)

Amazon Site-Scraping Technology: 

It wasn’t long ago that brands had to manually monitor their Amazon product detail pages, watching for changes to the buy box or the latest negative review in need of a response. Now, with a wide-variety of tools like Review Box and Feedback Five, brands can upgrade their Amazon business with insight and automation like never before.

  1. Review Box
  2. Seller Labs
  3. Sellics
  4. Feedback Five

Market Intelligence Tools:

On Amazon, opportunities for brands open and close every day. The key is knowing what is happening in the category around you and anticipating when and how to make your big move. Software tools like those from Viral Launch are designed to increase your market intelligence so that you can launch that next big product at just the right time.

  1. Viral Launch
  2. Helium 10
  3. Profitero
  4. Edge by Ascential

Retail Reporting Software:

Many brands who sell on Amazon feel in the dark about their own business. They know that sales are happening but find themselves digging through confusing spreadsheets to understand how. That’s where retail reporting tools like Insight Leap can help. With increased visibility into business performance on Amazon, brands have the power to move quicker and more strategically on the platform.

  1. Insight Leap
  2. TeikaMetrics
  3. Sellics
  4. Viral Launch

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