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9 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Marketing Services ROI

When you invest in Amazon Marketing Services, you want to be sure that you’re getting the highest possible return on your investment. There are plenty of easy ways to boost your sales through AMS, but you want to make every marketing dollar count. You want to improve your Amazon Marketing Services ROI.

Amazon is one of the most effective ways to reach online customers, with more than half of online shoppers beginning their product searches there. By utilizing these key strategies, you will boost your sales and improve your Amazon advertising ROI.

Table of Contents

  1. Take Advantage of Manual Targeting
  2. Create Comprehensive Product Descriptions
  3. Take Advantage of Product Display Ads
  4. Opt for Headline Search Ads
  5. Run Multiple Ad Types Together
  6. Take Advantage of Seasonal Ads
  7. Use the Right Keywords
  8. Get Ads Out Fast
  9. Evaluate Your Amazon Marketing Services ROI

Strategy #1: Take Advantage of Manual Targeting

When you create a Sponsored Product Ad, you can choose manual or automatic targeting. Automatic targeting analyzes your product description to generate relevant keywords for you. These keywords generally have high impressions and can be more expensive. Manual targeting, on the other hand, lets you target specific keywords that you think are most relevant to your product. In many cases, this can increase the relevancy of your ad’s placement. This will, in turn, increase conversion rates and improve the ROI of your product ads.

Strategy #2: Create Comprehensive Product Descriptions

Keywords, bids, and ads are only part of the equation for improving your advertising ROI. Once someone clicks your ad are they taken to a comprehensive product detail page? Does the page contain the information and selling points they need to make a purchase? This can include:

  • Size charts
  • Colors
  • Device compatibility
  • Dimensions
  • Etc.

Product descriptions have a major impact on conversion rates. They can be the difference between reaching your sales goals and falling short.

Strategy #3: Take Advantage of Product Display Ads

Product display ads, unlike sponsored products, are not triggered by keyword searches. Instead, they can appear on competitor’s product, related category pages, or based on consumer interest.

Product display ads build top-of-funnel awareness about the specific products you offer. This is beneficial for developing brand recognition and keeping your products top of mind. Then when customers are searching on Amazon for products like yours, they will be more likely to click on your listing.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Strategy #4: Opt for Headline Search Ads

Headline search ads are a great way to drive visibility for products. They generally offer a higher click volume at a lower cost per click than product display ads. These ads will improve your ability to promote specific products to a larger audience. Headline search ads also build trust in your potential customers.

Strategy #5: Run Multiple Ad Types Together

Taking a full funnel approach with your advertising strategy by running multiple ad types together will have a great impact on your Amazon Marketing Services ROI. Building brand awareness through Product Display Ads can increase the likelihood of a potential customer clicking your Sponsored Product Ads when they’re ready to buy. Similarly, you can increase the impact of your brand awareness efforts by ensuring customers see your product when they do a search by investing in Sponsored Product Ads.

Strategy #6: Take Advantage of Seasonal Ads

Amazon Marketing Services Seasonal AdsDuring specific seasons of the year, you should create ads that are tailored to why people are currently shopping on Amazon. In November and December, for example, that means highlighting Christmas and Hanukkah purchases. In early summer, your attention should turn to Amazon Prime Day strategies. When July and August come around, it makes sense to create a Back to School ad campaign. Seasonal ads are more eye-catching and more likely to drive high converting traffic.

Strategy #7: Use the Right Keywords

Remember that Amazon is a search engine. And just like your other search engine marketing, AMS requires keyword research. Except that on Amazon, it’s even more critical! That’s because Amazon searchers are more likely to search with the intent to buy. This means that securing the right keyword traffic is often the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Use these strategies to choose the right keywords for your products:

  • Start specific. The more specific your keywords, the easier it will be to target exactly the right traffic. “Long-tail” keywords don’t generate much traffic, but you can use a number of them to target the a good amount of traffic.
  • Choose keywords that are the most relevant to your product. Using keywords that are only vaguely related may increase search traffic, but will have a lower conversion rate.
  • Include broader keywords to increase traffic if your budget allows. Sometimes long-tail keywords don’t generate the traffic and sales you were expecting. Note that ads for high-traffic keywords may cost more than keywords that are used less often, but will generate more sales in less amount of time. Of course, evaluate your ROI (strategy #9) to determine if high-traffic keywords are a right fit for your ad strategy.

Strategy #8: Get Ads Out Fast

Visibility on Amazon is one of the most challenging aspects for new sellers and new product launches. To generate sales as quickly as possible, it’s important to know which ad strategies are the fastest to put in place. Sponsored product ads, for example, need little design effort and can be launched within a matter of minutes. You can follow up with more detailed advertising campaigns later in the process.

Strategy #9: Evaluate Your Amazon Marketing Services ROI

Adapt your AMS strategy based on how customers respond to your ads. Take the time to experiment! See what types of ads appeal to the customers who are interested in the products you’re selling. Test how changes to your advertising strategy impact your sales. Do customers respond better to a specific type of ad? Are they more likely to buy when you target specific keywords or interests? As you learn what encourages your customers to respond, you can make changes that will help you increase your Amazon Marketing Services ROI.

Managing your Amazon Marketing Services ROI is an ongoing process. If you need more help managing your Amazon sales, contact Orca Pacific to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals and increase your sales.

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