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3 Amazon A+ Content Best Practices to Live By

Article by: Orca Pacific

High conversions are critical metrics for success when selling on Amazon. Content strategy plays a key role in organic traffic, customer conversions and ultimately product sales. A+ content allows sellers to highlight products and share their brand story by adding pre-formatted text and image-based modules to the detail page for their products. Leveraging A+ content effectively, testing and monitoring the customer response are key parts to the content process. Below are tips brands can follow to optimize their Amazon content strategy and make it more engaging.

Create and display attention-grabbing videos.
Video is a big part of A+ content when done right. As users have short attention spans, communicating the product use case and benefits in the first 10 seconds is critical. Keeping it short and concise captures the user’s attention and increases the chances of converting on detail pages. There should be less focus on creating a commercial video that is lengthy and more emphasis on the value and message to the customer.

Make the shopping experience visual.
Elements such as text and carousel images are great opportunities to convey the message clearly about the product to the customer. Take branding into consideration and highlight the product through either quality lifestyle photographs or direct product images. Both of these styles should be run through an A/B test and the most compelling style depending on the performance should be featured. In order to stay competitive and optimize, comparing A+ content strategies against competitors helps assess position on the platform as well as keep up with trends.

Conduct effective keyword research to stay competitive.
Keywords are a vital part of your essential content strategy. Beyond writing product titles, bullets, and descriptions, it’s important to consider how to strategically insert target keywords to rank ahead of the competition. That includes understanding which keywords competitors are targeting and winning in the Amazon algorithm. The target audience must be clearly defined and their perspective should be prioritized when it comes to search terms. Sometimes high volume on broad search terms isn’t enough and doesn’t necessarily mean it will drive more organic clicks. SEO experts can help in this process of strategic planning to rank high in top product categories by analyzing the top performing keywords that are relevant to the product and as result increase traffic.

The content strategy process is made much simpler when working with content and SEO experts. Sign up for a free strategy session today with our team of experts.

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