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Frustration Free Packaging: A Guide for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Frustration Free Packaging

How do you, as an Amazon seller, appeal to today’s busy shopper in such a competitive marketplace? One way is to is simplify your packaging by using Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) certification with Amazon.

What does Frustration-Free Packaging mean for sellers and consumers?  Basically, it means that orders are shipped in packages that are easy to open, recyclable, and that also do a good job of protecting their products. FFP is designed to appeal to customers while also offering benefits for sellers. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Easy to open vs. difficult to open

Amazon estimates that an easy-to-open package will only take the customer 42 seconds to open. By contrast, difficult-to-open packages can take customers up to 11 minutes, which definitely causes stress and frustration for the customer. In order to be certified by Amazon, manufacturers need to offer easy-to-open packages.

2. 100% recyclable vs. Not fully recyclable

Recycled Frustration Free PackagingHere’s a sobering statistic: according to the University of Indiana, over one-third of landfill waste is comprised of packaging material. And consumers care. One report states that 86% of Americans prefer to shop with brands that have eco-friendly business practices.

Well, choosing Frustration-Free Packaging is just another way of going green. Amazon’s guidelines for certification specify the types of materials that should be used to create a more recyclable packaging. These include corrugated or chipboard materials, materials with specific information printed regarding how to recycle each item. They also recommend using pre- and post-user recycled content.

Amazon-certified FFP uses recyclable materials for packaging and also reduces the amount of packaging materials so that less of it gets thrown away. This results in happier customers, a greener impact, and a vital certification

3. Protective packaging vs. standard packaging

Protective packaging actually has to adhere to a set of lab standards to make sure it’s perfect for what it sets out to do, while standard packaging doesn’t have to undergo any such testing. Which do you think will result in less damage to products?

Amazon’s guidelines describe several of the metrics that have to be met to guarantee protective packaging. Some of these metrics include that sealing materials can withstand changes in temperature and humidity, can be distributed without damage, and can allow customers to access the package easily.

What else should you know?

If you’re using a service to make sure you’re selling your products with FFP, here are some additional services you should know about:

Prep Free Packaging – this service ensures that products are safe and easy to handle. While this sounds simple, it’s really important to check all facets of packaging.

  • Safe to handle? There should be no danger of exposed dangers like knife blades
  • Exposed to dust? Whatever the product, it shouldn’t be exposed to gathering dust
  • Loose parts? There will be no loose bits in the box.

Ships in Own Container (SIOC) – This service ensures products are shipped without an Amazon overbox. Results? Reduced packaging and transportation costs, as well as less danger of damage to the product.

Perks of Certification

Amazon wants you to work with customer satisfaction to the best of your ability. Here are some perks you receive by securing free Frustration-Free Packaging Certification:

  • Greater search relevancy
  • Additional messaging on detail page
  • Amazon Vine Enrollment
  • Additional Amazon marketing

Frustration-Free Packaging just makes sense for sellers

First of all, an investment in efficiency and fewer wasted materials is going to decrease costs in general.

Secondly, what do you think customers prefer? Struggling with packaging for minutes, or only needing seconds to get to what they need? Throwing away tons of unrecyclable materials or, on the other hand, feeling great about getting to recycle packaging from their packages?

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