eCommerce Deep Dive

with John Ghiorso

Where to Spend Your Digital Advertising Dollars with Nich Weinheimer

Episode 29
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Nich brings over a decade of experience in digital advertising, particularly on Amazon. Having helped both ad-tech companies to develop their Amazon integrations and brands directly to run their businesses and advertising on Amazon’s Marketplace, Nich has a wealth of experience and knowledge around this ever-growing channel. He has been with Kenshoo since the beginning of 2018 in the role of General Manager for the Ecommerce business.

In this episode of eCommerce Deep Dive, John Ghiorso talks with Nich Weinheimer, the GM of eCommerce at Kenshoo—a

digital advertising platform designed to connect marketers and customers for search, social and e-commerce. They discuss retail and their ad platforms, where digital advertisement dollars are best spent, and the future of display advertising.

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