eCommerce Deep Dive

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Amazon, COVID-19, and the Future of Social Commerce with Rick Watson

Episode 4
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In Episode 4 of eCommerce Deep Dive, John talks shop with Rick Watson, Founder and CEO of RMW Commerce Consulting. With COVID-19 shaking up the eCommerce landscape, John and Rick discuss the rise of social commerce through platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The two break down Amazon’s infrastructural and logistical advantages and muse about dynamic shifts in the online ecosystem.

Rick Watson

Rick WatsonRick Watson is the CEO and Founder of RMW Commerce Consulting, LLC, a boutique strategic eCommerce consultancy based in New York City. He provides a wide variety of services to firms in the eCommerce industry, primarily in the areas of Direct-to-Consumer operation build-out for investors and the C-Suite, B2B marketing for software and service firms, and overall strategy regarding eCommerce marketplaces.

RMW Commerce Consulting, LLC
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