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Amazon News & Trends: February 2023

Episode 69
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In this eCommerce Deep Dive episode, John Ghiorso discusses some of the latest updates from Amazon Advertising, Walmart Business, and Target Returns.

Sponsored Brands Creative Builder Redesign

Amazon Ads launched a UI redesign of their Sponsored Brands Creative Builder, making it easier for advertisers to test different ad formats. This redesign simplifies the user experience and provides a consistent hierarchy across all ad formats, allowing advertisers to easily navigate Sponsored Brands’ ad formats, such as Product Collection, Store Spotlight, Video, and Author Collection.

Sponsored Display campaign copy

Amazon Ads launched a new feature allowing advertisers to re-create Sponsored Display campaigns with just a single click, enabling advertisers to experiment with different ad strategies. This feature is also available for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, and it extends to Sponsored Display campaigns using either audiences or contextual targeting.

Shorter Campaign Minimum Run Time For Amazon Audience

Amazon launched a beta feature that reduces the minimum flight length of self-service Streaming TV Audience Guaranteed, Streaming TV Local Premium Reach, and Streaming TV Value Reach products from 7 days to 5 days, making it easier to fine-tune ad strategies.

This beta feature is perfect for advertisers who want to test their campaigns quickly or have limited budgets. It enables more experimentation and makes it easier to fine-tune your ad strategies.

Amazon Capacity Manager

Amazon launched a new capacity management system for third-party sellers using its fulfillment services, enabling sellers to request additional storage capacity for popular products, even if they have reached their FBA capacity limits.

To request more storage, sellers can use the Capacity Manager page and specify the amount of extra space they need for a particular period, along with the highest reservation fee they’re willing to pay. The request will be granted if capacity is available and the additional space can be used for the specified period.

Sellers will also receive performance credits that can offset the reservation fee based on the sales generated using the additional space. The fee can also be reduced if other sellers are granted a lower reservation fee during the same period.

Amazon Continues to Take Action Against Fake Review Brokers

Amazon filed a lawsuit against fake review brokers as part of a broader initiative to rebuild trust and create a more level playing field for honest sellers.

Amazon filed a lawsuit against six defendants who were involved in selling fake reviews on the platform, which is a positive step for the eCommerce industry as a whole, as it shows that companies are taking responsibility for the integrity of their platforms and are committed to creating a fair and transparent marketplace for all.

Amazon Business Launches 3-way Match for Mobile App

Amazon Business launched a new feature on its mobile app called 3-Way Match, enhancing smart purchasing strategies and automating reporting for business customers.

Now available in the U.S. market, this feature allows account administrators and authorized buyers to mark items as received by scanning their barcodes upon arrival. This is a great development for Amazon sellers, as it streamlines the purchasing process and provides greater transparency into the procurement process.

Apparel Fulfillment Fee Rates

Amazon announced new fulfillment fees for apparel items sold on the platform, impacting apparel sellers’ profitability and pricing strategies.

From now on, the greater unit weight or dimensional weight will be used to determine the shipping weight for all standard-size products. This change may affect the size tier of some items, which could increase or decrease the fees. To get the full details of the changes, you can view the 2023 Apparel Fulfillment fee rate chart.

Diverse On-Model Imagery For Better Representation Of Amazon Customers

Amazon will add new diverse imagery to some adult apparel product detail pages to represent the diversity of its customer base and provide a more inclusive shopping experience for everyone.

Starting March 31st, 2023, Amazon will add new imagery to some adult apparel product detail pages to diversify the representation of people in the imagery. This is an essential step for Amazon, as it aims to represent the diversity of its customer base and provide a more inclusive shopping experience for everyone. As a result, select ASINs in the Apparel Category will now feature on-model imagery that better represents Amazon shoppers at no additional cost to sellers.

Our team has yet to see this take effect on any accounts, but we’re closely monitoring any possible automatic changes.

Walmart is Double it’s Healthcare Presence

Walmart announced plans to double its healthcare presence by opening 75+ Walmart Health Centers by the end of 2024, signaling the importance of paying attention to Walmart’s moves and considering offering unique healthcare products to customers.

By staying ahead of the competition and offering unique healthcare products, online healthcare sellers can attract more customers and increase their revenue. This is an opportunity for sellers to differentiate themselves and provide value to their customers in a rapidly changing market.

Target will Introduce Drive-Up Returns

Target is launching a new service called Drive-Up Returns, which allows customers to return items without leaving their cars.

With Drive-Up Returns, customers can easily return products they purchased online or in-store by simply driving up to the designated area and having a team member assist them with the return process come springtime.

This new initiative by Target highlights the importance of offering value-added services to stand out in the competitive retail industry. With customer expectations constantly evolving, retailers must innovate and provide convenient and innovative services that meet their customers’ needs. By introducing Drive-Up Returns, Target sets a new standard for customer convenience, which may inspire other retailers to follow suit. 

Ultimately, this development is positive for the retail industry, as it demonstrates a commitment to providing exceptional customer service and enhancing the shopping experience for everyone.

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