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Amazon Advertising Budget

Amazon isn’t like other retails. Therefore, your marketing budget strategy for Amazon shouldn’t be the same as with other retailers. The KPIs available through Amazon that allows you to measure incremental growth as you increase your advertising budget. John Ghiorso, CEO of Orca Pacific, explains how brands should be increasing their advertising budgets on Amazon […]

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Amazon Advertising Revenue

Our team takes a step back and looks at the current state of Amazon Advertising. Amazon Advertising revenue has seen exponential growth over the past several years. We explore where that growth is coming from and what it means for brands as they evaluate their future advertising budgets.

Amazon Alexa eCommerce

What impact will Amazon Alexa have on eCommerce? The true is that not much commerce happens through voice search right now, but that doesn’t mean that will always be the case. In this video we talk about the current state of commerce through voice search and how to prepare for the future.

Selling Premium Products on Amazon

As a marketing agency focused exclusively on Amazon, we work with a number of brands that sell premium products in their categories. Some of these brands struggle to demonstrate the value of their products against lower cost items in the same category. Our team explains what brands of premium products can do to tell their […]

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Amazon DSP - Audience Targeting

Joe Huber, Director of Advertising, explains the capabilities of Amazon DSP audience targeting. He goes on the talk about specific strategies brands in different categories can take to maximize the potential of the Amazon Demand Side Platform.

Launching a Product on Amazon

Launching a product on Amazon isn’t guaranteed to be a success. The team at Orca Pacific, an Amazon Marketing Agency, walks through the steps brands should take to maximize the potential of launching a product on Amazon. Read our blog post on 5 Steps to Product Launch on Amazon

What is Amazon Launchpad

Amazon LaunchPad (formally Amazon Exclusives) is a program for brands to launch new products on Amazon with marketing and brand protection benefits. Karleigh Roberts, a Business Manager at Orca Pacific, John Ghiorso, CEO, and David Grill, Advertising Manager, go over the details for the program in this video.

Amazon Direct Fulfillment

Amazon Direct Fulfillment is a dropship option for 1P Vendors on Amazon. It’s a way for vendors to fulfill orders directly to consumers without having to go through an Amazon Fulfillment Center. It can be a great way to supplement the inventory Amazon has in the case they sell out of stock of your product. […]

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Amazon One Day Shipping

Amazon announced it is rolling out free one-day shipping throughout 2019 to its Prime members. This is exciting news for the retail industry and reinforces the importance of brands having their product “Prime eligible” on Amazon. Amazon originally set the bar high with free two-day shipping for Prime members, which caused other e-commerce retailers to […]

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