eCommerce Deep Dive with John Ghiorso

John Ghiorso, Founder and CEO of Orca Pacific, talks shop with the biggest players in retail and eCommerce, diving deep into business strategy through exclusive in-person interviews. From a studio located in Amazon’s backyard, eCommerce Deep Dive elucidates the complex eCommerce industry through the candid accounts of those who have spent their careers shaping it. Video and podcast episodes are produced by Orca Pacific and released bi-monthly on all major platforms.

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Hosted by John Ghiorso

John Ghiorso is an eCommerce thought leader with a reputation for articulating industry perspective and forecasting shifts within the Amazon marketplace. He is the founder and CEO of Orca Pacific, a full-service agency dedicated to growing the Amazon business of consumer product brands. He leads a team of over 50 former Amazonians and industry experts who develop digital marketing strategies on the cutting edge of eCommerce. John’s insights have been featured in prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Vox, Modern Retail, and Digiday. He speaks at mainstream industry events on a range of topics from retail and advertising strategies to the future of eCommerce.

eCommerce Deep Dive Podcast with John Ghiorso

Amazon News & Trends: September 2020

Episode 27

In this episode of eCommerce Deep Dive, John Ghiorso and Kyle Olson from Orca Pacific recap the monthly news and trends from Amazon. They discuss what to expect from Prime Day, logistics during the holiday season, Amazon’s Climate Pledge and so much more.

Using Amazon DSP to Find the Right Audience with Nich Seo

Episode 26

In this episode, John chats with Nich Seo, Sr. Manager of Partnership Development at MightyHive, the leading data and digital media consultancy. Nich breaks down display advertising strategies using Amazon’s Demand Side Platform. He and John discuss how endemic versus non-endemic brands can utilize the ad tactic to target audiences with relevant display ads. They also touch on new ad inventory through OTT and Twitch.

Strategies for Home and Furniture Brands on Amazon with Dan Stack

Episode 25

In this episode, John speaks with Dan Stack, VP of National Accounts and Strategic Partnerships for Ashley Furniture Industries.

Strategies for National Brands on the Amazon Marketplace with Jay Lagarde

Episode 24

In this episode of eCommerce Deep Dive, John talks with Jay Lagarde, Founder and CEO of eComEngine. The two discuss advantages that digitally native brands have over national brands on the Amazon platform and methods for narrowing that gap. They also touch on review strategy and the importance of reputation management. Later on in the episode, John and Jay explore the changing dynamic between direct import sellers and national brands on Amazon, and Jay shares some advice for national brands who feel like they are being undercut.

Amazon News & Trends – August 2020

Episode 23

A monthly recap of the latest news and trends from Amazon.

Rethinking the Future of Retail and eCommerce

Episode 22

“What happens next? And what does it mean for my business?” Since COVID-19 made its introduction, that’s been the question on the collective conscious of all manufacturers and brands. Customer behavior is changing, and the world of eCommerce is changing with it. To tackle these questions and envision a new future for retail, Orca Pacific

Leveraging Opportunities Beyond the World of Amazon

Episode 21

Capitalize on incremental strategies through Walmart, Shopify, Wayfair, and other platforms/retailers beyond Amazon.

Amazon Advertising: Prime Day & Beyond

Episode 20

The panelists discuss holistic strategies for Prime Day 2020 in these unprecedented times as well as actionable advice for advertising successfully on the Amazon platform. 

Retail Readiness: Delivering a Holistic Customer Experience

Episode 19

In this one-hour virtual event recorded on August 5th, experts from Deliverr, Vorys eControl, Power Reviews, and Orca Pacific came together to discuss review strategy, merchandising content, logistics, and channel management.

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