eCommerce Deep Dive with John Ghiorso

John Ghiorso, Founder and CEO of Orca Pacific, talks shop with the biggest players in retail and eCommerce, diving deep into business strategy through exclusive in-person interviews. From a studio located in Amazon’s backyard, eCommerce Deep Dive elucidates the complex eCommerce industry through the candid accounts of those who have spent their careers shaping it. Video and podcast episodes are produced by Orca Pacific and released bi-monthly on all major platforms.

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Hosted by John Ghiorso

John Ghiorso is an eCommerce thought leader with a reputation for articulating industry perspective and forecasting shifts within the Amazon marketplace. He is the founder and CEO of Orca Pacific, a full-service agency dedicated to growing the Amazon business of consumer product brands. He leads a team of over 50 former Amazonians and industry experts who develop digital marketing strategies on the cutting edge of eCommerce. John’s insights have been featured in prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Vox, Modern Retail, and Digiday. He speaks at mainstream industry events on a range of topics from retail and advertising strategies to the future of eCommerce.

eCommerce Deep Dive Podcast with John Ghiorso

People, Process, and Platform with Bayer’s Alana Feldman

Episode 46

In this episode, John talks with Alana Feldman, Manager of Content Strategy & Activation at Bayer. John and Alana discuss having a holistic content strategy, the importance of companies avoiding the siloed mentality, and her experience working on the eCommerce side of a healthcare company during the pandemic.

Amazon News & Trends: April 2021

Episode 45

This month, John and Kyle discuss updates such as FBA Storage Limits, A/B Testing Product Image, Amazon Explore and so much more.

Setting Brands Up For Success At Every Retailer with Syndigo’s Chris Barnes

Episode 44

John and Chris discuss having a consistent presence across the eCommerce landscape, anticipating how shoppers can be different platform to platform and future content experience opportunities. 

Amazon News & Trends: March 2021

Episode 43

In this episode of eCommerce Deep Dive, John Ghiorso and Kyle Olson from Orca Pacific recap the monthly news & trends from Amazon. This month, they discuss updates such as Prime Day 2021, FBA fee increases, Whole Foods in-store attribution and so much more.

Protect Your eCommerce Margins

Protect Your eCommerce Margins with’s Kathleen Booth

Episode 42

John and Kathleen discuss how online retailers can increase profit margins by adjusting their discounting and coupon strategy, how coupon browser extensions interfere with marketing revenue attribution reporting for online retailers and what action retailers can take, and the overall risks that extensions such as Honey and Capital One Shopping pose to online businesses.

Maximizing the Experience of Luxury eCommerce with BORN’S Jean-Christophe Chopin

Episode 41

John and Jean-Christophe discuss design-led lifestyle and why it matters in eCommerce, digital transformation accompanying existing businesses, and BORN’s ambitions for the e-commerce space.

Amazon News & Trends: February 2021

Episode 40

John and Kyle discuss updates such as extreme weather impacts, DSP video creative builder, A+ content API and so much more.

Breaking Down Barriers in the Grocery Category with Profitero’s Sarah Hofstetter

Episode 39

John and Sarah discuss how brands can design and develop a strategy around eCommerce, the dynamics of eCommerce grocery delivery, and how high funnel tv advertising connects to the actual purchase online. 

Amazon News & Trends: January 2021

Episode 38

John and Kyle discuss updates such as purchase order changes, browser support, payment service provider program and so much more.

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