What is The Amazon Advertising Platform?

The Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) is a sophisticated demand-side platform that allows our team of Amazon marketing experts to deliver programmatic display and video campaigns on a CPM (cost-per-thousand) basis. While leveraging Amazon’s exclusive shopper data, AAP provides us with the ability to prospect and reach highly targeted audiences on and off Amazon. Additionally, AAP allows us to continue advertising to shoppers who visited our client’s product pages but did not convert.  Amazon Advertising Platform is also a very effective channel when looking to significantly increase the reach of price-driven promotions.

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Our Approach

Amazon Advertising PlatformWe work directly with our clients to understand their goals, identify target audiences and build out robust, full-funnel programmatic strategies. At Orca Pacific, we believe in providing full transparency into the media we’re managing, which ultimately helps our clients better understand the overall impact AAP has on their other Amazon marketing campaigns and business as a whole.

Let us work with you to find advertising opportunities to improve your overall sales and profitability.

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