Amazon Display Advertising

Amazon DSP (Formerly AAP & AMG)

Amazon DSP is a sophisticated demand-side platform (DSP) that our team of marketing experts use to deliver programmatic display and video campaigns on a CPM (cost-per-thousand) basis. Leveraging Amazon’s exclusive shopper data, DSP enables our Ad Managers to reach highly targeted audiences. Additionally, DSP allows us to continue re-marketing to shoppers who visited our client’s detail pages but did not convert. DSP is also a very effective channel to significantly increase the reach of price-driven promotions.

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Amazon Display Advertising

Key Benefits of Amazon DSP

  • Amazon’s exclusive shopper data identifies highly targeted audiences on and off Amazon
  • Shoppers who visited client detail pages but did not convert can be reached with re-marketing
  • The reach of price-driven promotions can be significantly increased
  • Campaign budgets are managed and optimized at a more granular level, so performance improvements can be executed across all creative and targeting tactics
  • Smaller budget test scenarios can be evaluated before scaling to a higher budget
  • Reporting includes domain-level transparency, so we see where your messages are being seen off the Amazon platform, allowing for improved brand management

Amazon Display Advertising Case Study

Orca Pacific helped an industry-leading client in the Air Purification category grow their business using multi-channel advertising campaigns on the Amazon platform. After establishing a foundation of Amazon paid search ads, we implemented new display banner ads using the Amazon DSP to increase volume and scalability. This upper funnel objective was designed to generate awareness and sales with new in-market shoppers.

Leveraging Amazon’s exclusive first party shopper data, we created custom in-market audience segments to execute a mix of highly targeted display prospecting and retargeting campaigns. By successfully reaching these shoppers off the Amazon platform with dynamic eCommerce ad units, we were able to bring qualified traffic to the targeted detail pages for purchase.

Key Metrics:

  • Improved performance from $3 ROAS to over $5 ROAS within 3 months
  • 23% Conversion Rate from off-site AAP campaigns
  • 60% increase in branded search impressions after launching brand awareness campaigns

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Amazon Display Advertising Case Study