Amazon Display & Video Advertising

Amazon DSP (Formerly AAP & AMG)

Amazon DSP is a sophisticated demand-side platform (DSP) that our advertising managers use to reach shoppers on Amazon and third-party websites. Formerly known as the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) and Amazon Marketing Group (AMG), it delivers Amazon programmatic advertising and video campaigns using Amazon’s first-party shopper data for more precise audience targeting.

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Amazon Display Advertising

Key Benefits of Amazon Demand Side Platform

  • Access. We leverage Amazon’s exclusive first-party shopper data to reach highly targeted audiences both on and off the platform.
  • Transparency. We provide access to an unprecedented level of data and insights into your audience and campaigns.
  • Flexibility. We evaluate, test, manage and optimize budgets of varying size to ensure constant performance improvements.
  • Coordination. We unify your display advertising strategy with your search strategy to unleash the full potential of the platform.

Amazon Programmatic Display Advertising Draws More Traffic

Orca Pacific helped an industry-leading client in the air-purification category grow their business using multi-channel advertising campaigns on the Amazon demand-side platform. Building on a foundation of Amazon paid search ads, we reached unprecedented heights of volume and scalability with new display banner ads using the Amazon DSP. This boosted awareness and sales with new in-market shoppers at the top of the sales funnel.

Leveraging Amazon’s exclusive first-party shopper data, we created custom, in-market audience segments, allowing us to execute highly targeted Amazon programmatic display prospecting and retargeting campaigns. Dynamic ecommerce ad units captured these shoppers from outside of the Amazon platform—bringing qualified traffic to the targeted detail pages for higher sales.

Case Study Success Metrics:

  • Improve performance from $3 to over $5 RoAS within 3 months.
  • Achieve a 23% conversion rate from off-site Amazon programmatic display advertising.
  • Increase branded search impressions from new brand awareness campaigns by 60%.

Let us grow your business with a full funnel Amazon DSP strategy!

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Amazon Display Advertising Case Study