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Instacart Advertising Services

We’re digital advertising experts who develop and implement cutting edge marketing strategies to capture sales on Instacart.

Instacart is North America’s leader in online grocery delivery with an expanding marketplace of 25,000 stores in the US and Canada. Customers turn to Instacart to find trusted brands and discover new products. Featured Product Advertising is crucial to capturing incremental sales volume and increasing your share of voice.

Instacart Advertising Services

Why Instacart?

For CPG brands, few emerging marketplaces are more important than Instacart. With a network of 350+ retailers, brands that are able to establish themselves early on the platform stand to gain significant first mover advantage.

Featured Product Ads are search-based ad placements that allow brands to reach Instacart customers at the point of sale, from click, to cart, to checkout. The tactic supports a range of goals including sales growth, category share, and awareness building.

Instacart Advertising Agency

Maximize Your Instacart Sales

Instacart advertising is the best way for grocery brands to unlock major returns on the platform. But it’s not as simple as “setting-and-forgetting” your advertising campaigns. Succeeding on Instacart takes platform expertise, data, and ongoing optimization.

Our team always starts by understanding your business goals and KPIs. We then develop a Featured Product strategy that will help you capture sales and achieve your goals, even when competition is stiff.

Instacart Advertising
  • Boost Your ROAS

    We know how to maximize this important KPI using the right combination of data and expertise.
  • Drive Incremental Revenue

    ROAS isn’t the only driver of success on Instacart. We look to deliver incremental revenue at every opportunity.
  • Budget-Friendly Strategies

    Don’t have an unlimited budget? We don’t expect you to. Instead, we work within your bounds to achieve the best possible result for your business.

Unlock Insights with Instacart Data

From keyword analytics to performance measurement, access to data is an important factor in any digital marketing campaign. But in a quickly evolving environment like the Instacart marketplace, data-driven decision making is an absolute must.

With access to our best-in-class software powered by Kenshoo, our team makes data-driven decisions about which keywords to bid on and how much to bid based on your goals. As the competitive landscape changes, we can spot windows of opportunity to increase your paid share of voice.

Instacart Advertising Metrics
  • Keyword Research

    We dive into keyword analytics to surface the best keywords for increasing sales and capturing incremental orders.
  • KPI Reporting

    We provide insight into the performance of your campaigns so you can track efficiency and performance over time.
  • Data-Driven Optimization

    We constantly work to optimize your campaigns based performance data.
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