How We Doubled Reebok’s Sales with Amazon Sponsored Advertising

Reebok Amazon Case Study

Global fitness brand and Amazon category leader bursts through aggressive sales goals by restructuring their Amazon PPC strategy.

Falling behind in the race for new customers.

While the ubiquity of Reebok’s brand produced ample organic search traffic on Amazon, the storied shoemaker was struggling to gain new customers and fend off competitors due to various structural inefficiencies in their Amazon PPC strategy. While competitors were increasing share of voice with aggressive ad campaigns, Reebok was missing out on opportunities to defend their brand and fill their marketing funnel with new Amazon customers.

Orca Pacific restructured and optimized Reebok’s Amazon PPC advertising strategy. After only 3 months, the fitness brand more than doubled their month-over-month sales and improved their advertising cost (ACoS) by 68 percent.

Supporting Best Sellers/Priority Items:

Like most brands on Amazon, Reebok’s product catalog followed the 80/20 rule, meaning 20 percent of items represented roughly 80 percent of their sales. Accordingly, we made it monthly focus to promote best-selling products as well as high priority items that lined up with brand initiatives on and off Amazon. By shifting marketing budget toward priority items and optimizing high-trafficked content first, Reebok was able to lean into their strengths to drive incremental growth. And because advertising campaigns were organized by specific category type, products could be constantly swapped out for new priority items without sacrificing keyword relevancy.

Sponsored Brand Advertisements:

While driving sales was always a top goal, we understood that generating brand awareness was crucial for Reebok’s growth. So, we focused on increasing Reebok’s share-of-voice with more Sponsored Brands ads including a healthy mix of branded, category and competitive keywords

Patient Approach to Keywords and Bidding:

Instead of starting out with a high number of keywords within our campaigns, we utilized phrase and exact match to build off and strategically added keywords over time as performance grew; we also did not force the issue and bid up too quickly despite slower returns at the onset.

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