How Meade Instruments Achieved Astronomical Growth with Optimized Content and Advertising

Popular astronomy brand sees sales boost and major advertising returns by overhauling content and becoming active with advertising and promotion on Amazon.

With little competition in their category, Meade Instruments was among the stars in 2016. A year later, it all fell back down to Earth.

Lackluster content and “set It and forget it” advertising campaigns prevented them from staving off new competitors. While Meade Instruments continued their hands-off approach, competitive brands were busy developing comprehensive Amazon strategies to out-advertise, out-promote, and out-sell. Before the year was up, Meade Instruments was down 35-40% in Sales.

After partnering with Orca Pacific

Meade Instruments increased year-over-year sales by 50 percent due, in part, to a full-funnel advertising strategy that brought back a $7.91 return (ROAS) and a promotional strategy that fetched a $6.93 return (ROS).

To lift Meade Instruments from their nosedive, we needed to develop and implement a complete, front-to-back, Amazon strategy that addressed their deficiencies without breaking their budget. After analyzing the account data, our experts came together to build a three-part solution designed to overhaul the astronomy brand’s Amazon marketing strategy and ultimately re-establish sales growth that was painfully missed.

Meade Instruments - Amazon Brand Store

Content Overhaul

Quality content both drives sales and strengthens a brand. So, it was imperative that Meade Instruments took full advantage of every content opportunity on Amazon. We worked together to (1) Build a Brand Store, (2) Implement Enhanced Content, and (3) Rework Product Detail Pages.

Meade Instruments’ new brand store gave new customers an opportunity to learn about their brand and trusted customers a central location to explore their many products and accessories. Optimized detail pages and enhanced content, on the other hand, played a crucial role in converting the increase advertising traffic into sales by giving customers purchasing information while demonstrating the value of a product and brand.

Advertising and Promotions

Amazon is more than a retailer; it’s an advertising platform. Whether looking to increase brand awareness or drive sales for a new product, an active and intentional advertising strategy is essential. Since Meade Instruments was losing business to their competitors, we utilized (1) sponsored brand ads, and (2) sponsored product ads to increase engagement with their products. Further, we worked with Meade Instruments to run promotions and drive traffic through the Amazon Deals Page.

Operational Training

True experts are teachers at heart. We know that operational excellence requires us to share our knowledge. For Meade Instruments, we started by covering the basics like (1) navigating the Amazon Advertising Console and (2) handling purchase orders. We then explored (3) Direct Fulfillment, (4) inventory management, (5) winning the Buy Box, and much more. We share more than just our expertise. Our technology stack allows us to update our clients with reviews and ratings that require quick response to maintain strong branding.

Meade Instruments on Amazon

““I am constantly impressed with Orca Pacific’s knowledge of all of Amazons practices and procedures. They took over our account with a multitude of issues and a large decrease in sales. Within a year they rebuilt the line with Amazon and increased our sales 50%.””

– Elizabeth Atkinson, National Account Manager at Meade Instruments –

While the sales increases were encouraging, they were owed in part to more active and efficient advertising and promotional strategies. If that wasn’t enough, Meade Instruments now has the operational training and tools to maintain this success into 2019 and beyond.

“I have ultimate respect for Orca Pacific’s hard work, problem solving skills and work ethic. I would recommend them without reservation,” said Elizabeth Atkinson, National Account Manager at Meade Instruments. “They are a complete pleasure to work with and will make a positive and beneficial addition to any company.”

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