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We increase your Amazon search ranking and build your share of voice by equipping keyword specialists with the industry’s top software tools.

Customers start more product searches on Amazon than anywhere else on the web. Search engine optimization puts your product in front of the right customers by improving your Amazon search ranking and optimizing your search keywords. SEO on Amazon is an ongoing process that requires a nuanced understanding of Amazon’s A9 Algorithm.

Amazon SEO

Keyword Research Technology

Our Amazon SEO consultants put the power of technology to work for you by researching keywords with the most potential to increase your digital shelf space.

Ranking for keywords is only half the battle. Knowing which keywords to rank for is where you'll find the greatest opportunity for growth. Our suite of keyword research tools gives us the ability to discover consumer search trends and establish solid rankings for the search terms that matter most to your brand and products.

Amazon Advertising Agency
  • Long-tail keywords

    Automation tools to find highly relevant niche keywords that your customers are using
  • Trends and popularity

    Data-driven analytics to track and measure share of voice
  • Competitive Analysis

    Technology to understand the competitive landscape in order to know what's needed to outperform others

Experts of the A9 Algorithm

The people to put the keywords to work.

There are hundreds of signals that contribute to the ranking of a product for a certain keyword. Amazon calls this their A9 algorithm. Our Amazon SEO services takes a holistic approach to optimizing your entire customer journey to boost all the factors that result in higher search rankings.

Amazon Advertising Consultants
  • Optimized Product Listing

    Keyword researched titles and descriptions that lead to higher relevancy and enhanced content to improve conversion rates.
  • Product Availability

    Inventory planning to ensure products don't become out of stock and negatively impact search rankings.
  • Meta Keywords

    Often forgotten, but very important in A9 search engine optimization are hidden keywords

““Amazon is obsessed with the customer. It's no wonder then that the brands that optimize for the customer experience are the ones with the highest share of voice and more prominent digital shelf space on Amazon.””

– Nate Hogle, Director of Account Management –
Launching a Product on Amazon

Launching a new product on Amazon is like being thrown into the cockpit of a plane in flight. There are dozens of levers and flashing buttons but no clear indication of how to stay in the air.

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