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Orca Pacific provides manufacturers with Amazon Vendor Central management services to increase sales and streamline distribution. We have a vast amount of experience working with brands selling on Amazon, which allows our team of experts to have an in-depth understanding of the features and processes that are essential to your success. From purchase order management to strategic business insights, we assume a highly active account management role and are deeply committed to your success.

We are located blocks from the Amazon campus in Seattle. We believe relationships are a key part of any business and Amazon is no different. We constantly strive to maintain close working relationships with everyone related to the success of our clients. We always present ourselves, and by extension our clients, with the utmost professionalism.

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Amazon Vendor Central Management

Our Management Services

Contract Negotiation

Like any major retailer, Amazon uses various contracts in their business operations. We are well versed in these contracts and can help achieve a win-win situation for both Amazon and our clients. Amazon’s program agreements are an important part of the business relationship and we make sure these dollars are put to the best use possible. This includes MDF/co-op, payment terms, damage and freight allowances as well as ongoing marketing and margin guarantee accruals.

Strategic Insight on New Programs

Amazon is a rapidly evolving company and one outcome of this is the continual introduction of new programs and opportunities. Through our ongoing communication with Amazon, we are typically among the first in the vendor community to hear about these opportunities and pass them on to our clients whenever applicable.

New Item Setup

Our team of account managers orchestrate the setup of your products on Amazon quickly and efficiently. This process is constantly evolving so our expertise is critical to timely and accurate catalog setup. As part of item setup, we optimize content and images to ensure products are merchandised in the best possible light.

Operations Consulting

Amazon works on a just-in-time, demand-driven inventory model. Their goal is to minimize inventory while maximizing product availability. We assist clients with inventory planning by analyzing large amounts of data and provide regular reporting on demand planning and forecasting. Amazon offers a variety of fulfillment options on both the Vendor and Seller Central platforms. We analyze our client’s needs, logistics, and financials to help strategize which methods are best on an item by item basis.

Transferring from Seller Central to Vendor Central

Though not applicable to every brand and manufacturer, our Amazon Vendor Central consultants are also experts in transferring successful third-party (Seller Central) businesses to a direct relationship with Amazon by becoming a first-party vendor. The transfer process from 3P to 1P is filled with potential pitfalls including issues related to inventory, page rank and losing sales momentum. We are extremely experienced in avoiding these pitfalls and ensuring that the transfer goes smoothly.

Channel Management

Channel management is paramount to protecting a brand’s integrity. We work with Amazon’s vendor managers to ensure your products are treated fairly on the Amazon marketplace. Through this approach, we help enhance and defend your pricing integrity.

Content Optimization

It is vital to have a strong content optimization strategy to rank high in Amazon searches and have your products easily found by customers. We are well versed in Amazon’s A9 product search algorithm and implement current best practices to construct your detail pages. This includes optimizing basic product content (titles, bullet points and descriptions), image and video uploads, A+ enhanced content, keyword placement, and more. There are hundreds of variables that go into the ranking algorithm, and attention to detail at an SEO level is essential in building a solid foundation to grow your business on Amazon.

Amazon Advertising

We have an entire advertising team dedicated to managing our clients’ Amazon Marketing Service campaigns – Headline Search, Product Display, and Sponsored Products. They continually evaluate campaign performance to maximize ROI and discover new opportunities for growth.

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