Amazon Marketing Services is one of the newest and most exciting amazon-marketing-servicespromotional opportunities available on the Amazon platform. AMS is a CPC (cost-per-click) based ad platform that is only available to direct vendors. Unlike Amazon Media Group where vendors pay for impressions, with AMS vendors only pay when a customer clicks on their ad to view their products on Amazon.

Amazon Marketing Service campaigns are at the bottom of the sales funnel, and customers actively searching for an item are typically much closer to making a purchase, resulting in higher conversion rates.

We are AMS experts with all three campaign types, including Headline Search, Product Display, and Sponsored Products. We work extensively within the AMS portal to develop, execute, and optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis as part of our turn-key service. Beyond initial strategy and execution, we continually analyze search terms and overall campaign performance to ensure we meet your budgeting, impression, market share, and ROI goals. In addition, we provide weekly reporting for complete visibility into performance and help with assessment into ASIN-level profitability inclusive of these advertising costs. We also work regularly with the AMS team directly to make sure we are at the forefront of any developments with this constantly evolving tool.

Amazon’s Marketing Service is one of the most cost-effective drivers of traffic and sales available on the Amazon platform, and is instrumental in the overall strategy of growing your Amazon business. Aside from the immediate ROI that is tracked for each campaign, there is also a significant long-term benefit of running AMS campaigns. Established, optimized campaigns can carry greater weight over new campaigns, and continuously driving qualified traffic and increasing sales conversions helps improve organic sales performance outside of AMS. As a result, we holistically incorporate AMS into the overall strategy along with other efforts such as optimizing content, running other marketing and promotional events, and improving operations in order to get the greatest benefit. Ensuring all aspects of Amazon work together strategically accelerates your growth and potential on the platform.

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