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Common Questions for Amazon Seller Success: Content Edition

Article by: Orca Pacific

Is your brand looking to increase visibility and search ranking for your products on Amazon?

In this frequently asked questions hub, we will go over tips and tricks for optimizing product listings on Amazon including: 

  • Using relevant keywords
  • Providing detailed and accurate product information
  • Utilizing high-quality images and videos
  • Encouraging customer reviews. 

Additionally, we review Amazon’s content guidelines and discuss strategies to stand out from the competition, including optimizing A+ content and creating/building a strong Brand Store to increase traffic, conversions, and overall revenue. 

Question: How can I optimize my product listings to improve visibility, search ranking, and overall Amazon sales?

Answer: Use relevant keywords in your product titles and descriptions, provide detailed and accurate product information, have high-quality images and videos, and encourage customer reviews. By researching and targeting relevant keywords, you can improve your products’ visibility and search ranking to drive overall sales. To convert the additional traffic and increase purchasing confidence, ensure your Product Detail Page (PDP) answers any question a shopper may have about your product. This means providing accurate product details, high-quality images, and videos to show the product in action. Lastly, encourage customer reviews as this is social proof that your product is what you claim it to be. By strategically mapping out your PDP, your brand will see a lift in sales and conversions.

Question: What are Amazon’s content guidelines for product descriptions, bullet points, and images?

Answer: Amazon has strict guidelines for product descriptions, bullet points, and images. Product descriptions should be clear, detailed, and accurate, while bullet points should highlight key product features and benefits. Images should be high-resolution, with only the product and any necessary props in the frame, but should not include any additional text or graphics. Note that Amazon only displays up to six images and one video on the Product Detail Pages, so it is vital that your brand maps this out strategically

Question: How can I create compelling and informative product videos for my product listings?

Answer: Focus on showcasing your product in action, highlighting key features and benefits, and keeping the video short and to the point.

Question: How can I use customer reviews and ratings to improve my product listings?

Answer: Customer reviews and ratings can be used to improve your listings by providing social proof and helping to increase visibility and search rankings. By encouraging customers to leave reviews and addressing any negative feedback, you can improve the perceived quality of your product.

Question: How do I make my product stand out from the competition?

Answer: Provide unique and compelling product information, using high-quality images and videos, and offering competitive pricing. We recommend having six images and one video on your Product Detail Page. The images should showcase a mix of lifestyle, size and ratio, functionality, and context. Additionally, building a strong brand and creating a unique product packaging can also help your product stand out.

Question: How do I increase my A+ content on Amazon and does it cost anything?


  1. Enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry: To be eligible to use A+ Content, you must first enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry. This program verifies your brand and allows you to access additional features, including A+ Content.
  2. Optimize your product listings: Once you have access to A+ Content, you can optimize your product listings to include more detailed information, images, and videos. This can help increase the perceived value of your product and improve the customer’s experience.
  3. Utilize A+ Content templates: Amazon provides a variety of templates for A+ Content that you can use to create professional-looking product pages. These templates make it easy to organize and present your product information in a visually appealing way.
  4. Use high-quality images and videos: A+ Content allows you to include additional images and videos on your product pages. Use high-quality images and videos that show your product in action and highlight key features and benefits to make the customer’s experience more engaging.
  5. Consider Brand stories: Brand stories are available for registered brands only. It provides more customization options, such as using different fonts and adding brand logos, making the customer experience more consistent and on-brand.
  6. Cost: Amazon A+ Content is not free and it is a paid service. The cost of using A+ Content varies depending on the number of products you have enrolled in the program and the number of times you update your content.

Question: How do I create a Brand Store on Amazon?

Answer: Start by enrolling in the Brand Registry program. This allows you to create a dedicated storefront for your brand and customize the look and feel of your product pages.

Question: What should I expect from outsourcing my Amazon content and SEO strategy?


  1. Initial consultation:
    A critical component of a successful partnership is finding the right partner that fully understands and aligns with your brand’s goals – this is done by asking the right questions during the interview process. Once you have found your long-term partner, the initial consultation allows everyone to get on the same page. Take this time to discuss your business goals, target audience, and current performance on Amazon so both teams are aligned on the strategy moving forward. The key is to ensure every stakeholder fully understands the needs and challenges.  
  1. Keyword research:
    Your marketing services partner should conduct research on relevant keywords and phrases that potential shoppers are using to search for products like yours. With credible research and strategy, your Amazon product listings should be optimized; from product titles to bullet points to descriptions.

  2. Content creation:
    Creating a strong product listing that ranks on page one takes testing, learning, and experimenting so outsourcing allows your team to stay focused on other priorities. Your services partner should gather any existing assets your brand has to create compelling and optimized product descriptions, bullet points, and other content that will help to increase visibility and conversions.

  3. Technical optimization:
    An ongoing task that your services provider should be doing is analyzing your product listings to identify and fix any technical issues that may be affecting performance, such as broken links or missing information.
  1. Ongoing monitoring and reporting:
    When you outsource your Amazon strategy, you are handing the baton over to a dedicated, experienced team that is continuously monitoring and analyzing your product listing performance, and providing regular reports to keep you informed of the progress and make adjustments as necessary.
  1. Communication:
    Lastly, your service partner should be available for regular check-ins, and open for any questions or concerns you may have. While they are the experts, it is still critical that you understand the strategy behind their work and tactics. 

    In general, you can expect to have a dedicated team of marketing experts working closely with your brand to help improve your product’s visibility and search ranking on Amazon, which leads to increased sales and conversions.

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