Month: October 2019


Project Zero, Amazon’s brand protection program meant to “drive counterfeits to zero”, is now open to all eligible brands. Project Zero is meant to empower brands with means to take action.

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Launch New Product on Amazon

Last month, I compared launching products on Amazon to being tossed into the cockpit of a plane in flight. The metaphor resonated with a number of readers who have since requested a full “flight plan” to keep them from falling out of the sky. Specifically, brands wanted to know more about the programs that Amazon […]

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Amazon & D2C Ecommerce: Reducing Friction Between Channels to Accelerate Growth

The Amazon marketplace can often be viewed as a convoluted channel to sell your products online; and with the ever changing rules, it can be challenging to develop brand advocacy and obtain the high margins you deserve. Find the perfect balance of developing your direct to consumer store, and selling on Amazon to grow your […]

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