Amazon works on a just-in-time, demand-driven inventory model.  Their goal is to minimize inventory while maximizing product availability.  This is done by typically keeping less than three weeks of cover on hand.  Each week, they create a new 26-week forecast for each item, taking into account customer traffic, pricing, profitability and conversion rates.

Trust your Amazon Inventory Management to the experienced team at Orca Pacific.

Our Amazon consultants analyze this large amount of data and provide regular reporting to assist in inventory planning.  We also work with Amazon’s in-stock team regularly to make sure we have accurate and robust demand forecasts, especially in peak and/or high growth periods. Through diligent planning and communication, we ensure that your products are always in stock, thus maximizing top line volume.

At Orca Pacific, we strive for excellence in our partnership with you, and with Amazon. The relationships we’ve built with key Amazon employees benefits our clients for a win-win situation. And since we’ve built integrity into our processes, you know you can rely on us to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

While Amazon strives to maintain lean inventory, there are still times they may become overstocked.  In this event, we work with you to quickly reduce these overstocks through various strategies such as product returns, promotions, and Amazon Marketing Services.

Direct Fulfillment (Drop Ship)

Direct Fulfillment can be a key program for some clients, especially those with big, bulky, or highly seasonal product. We are highly experienced with rolling out and managing these programs and work regularly in the Direct Fulfillment platform and with the internal dropship team. Adding items to the Direct Fulfillment network creates a “backup offer” in the event Amazon has not brought your item into their fulfillment centers in time, ensuring any customer who comes to the site to buy your product is able to do so.

Direct Import

Direct import can be an important part of doing business with Amazon. We  are partners with some of the first vendors to ever do direct importing with Amazon and we pride ourselves on having an unprecedented level of expertise in this process. With the right execution and relationships, DI can provide a winning solution for all parties involved.

For our clients, direct import facilitates larger up-front purchase orders.  Amazon benefits from DI because they are typically able to improve profitability and reduce the likelihood of delisting an item.  For Amazon, direct import creates better availability through reduced out of stocks and more operation efficiency.

We are involved with import on a daily basis and are very familiar with Amazon’s preferred international contract terms.  We facilitate everything from initial import term agreements and quote negotiations to communication with Amazon’s freight forwarder to help our clients meet Amazon’s ever changing labeling requirements.