Amazon’s new item setup process can be daunting. We have a team of NIS experts who orchestrate setup of your products on Amazon quickly and efficiently. We are experts at navigating any system and process barriers that prevent quick transition of a new item to an Amazon detail page.

The Amazon New Item Setup process is constantly changing, so our expertise is critical to timely and accurate setup.

We’ve been working closely with Amazon employees for over a decade. And since our offices are in their backyard, we can efficiently collaborate with the right team members when we need to. Our Amazon New Item Setup consultants are highly experienced and will always provide you with professional services and work to develop a win-win relationship.

As part of Amazon new item setup solutions, we optimize content and images to ensure products are merchandised in the best possible light.  Item setup does not guarantee that Amazon will purchase a product.  Because of this, we track new item ramp-up and use a combination of tools and Amazon contacts to ensure items move into replenishment status as soon as possible.