Amazon Manufacturer Representatives

Orca Pacific is the premier Amazon manufacturer representative agency in Seattle with an exclusive focus on Amazon. We have been working hand in hand with Amazon for over a decade and pride ourselves on being experts in every facet of their platform. We represent top manufacturers across all major categories at Amazon, and our office is located within walking distance from Amazon’s campus in Seattle, WA.

Amazon Manufacturer’s Representatives with over a decade of experience helping brands just like yours

The Amazon manufacturer’s rep team at Orca Pacific is comprised of a tight-knit group of professionals from diverse but complementary backgrounds. These team members include former Amazonians, retail industry veterans, and digital marketing gurus. This level of expertise gives us a unique ability to maximize our clients’ potential on the Amazon platform.

Our mission is to maximize our clients’ top line volume year over year on Amazon. We achieve this by offering a turn-key service and leveraging an unprecedented level of expertise in the Amazon platform. We capitalize on every opportunity available to grow our clients’ businesses while maintaining a rock-solid level of integrity and professionalism. The below list serves as a general overview of our services. For a custom consultation on your business, please contact us today.

Amazon services we offer include, but are not limited to:


We also provide:

Contact and Program Negotiation

Like any major retailer, Amazon uses various contracts in their business operations. We are well versed in these contracts and can help achieve a win-win situation for both Amazon and our clients. Amazon’s program agreements are an important part of the business relationship, and we make sure these dollars are put to the best use possible. This includes MDF/coop, payment terms, damage and freight allowances as well as ongoing marketing and margin guarantee accruals.

Key Relationships

Orca Pacific’s office is conveniently located in the South Lake Union district of Seattle on Amazon’s campus. We are in Amazon’s offices on a weekly basis, meeting with vendor managers (buyers) and other key decision makers. We believe relationships are an important part of doing business with any retailer and Amazon is no different. We constantly strive to maintain close working relationships with everyone related to our mutual business. We always present ourselves, and by extension our vendors, with the utmost professionalism.

The average tenure of a position at Amazon is less than twelve months, with employees frequently moving to varying roles at the company. With our long-term and broad reaching experience as well as proximity to their offices, we have formed extensive relationships with Amazonians in a wide variety of roles and categories. This, along with the high level of respect with which Orca is regarded, allows us to quickly reach the appropriate personnel when it might otherwise be impossible. This is especially critical considering the average Amazon Vendor Manager is directly responsible for over five hundred vendors.

Through our many years of partnership with Amazonians, we have developed contacts in varying areas of the company. These include packaging and logistics business groups, the private label team and various marketing teams (AMG, AMS) among others. Amazon is continually rolling out new initiatives to drive their business forward, and thanks to our relationships we have first-hand knowledge of these changes. New initiatives such as Amazon Launchpad and Amazon Business are great examples of this, and we work daily with individuals within those new departments to continue advancing our clients’ interests on the platform and maximize their brand presence and sales.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon is our recommended way to sell product through the Amazon third-party marketplace. This part of the business is still managed through Seller Central, however with FBA, Amazon handles all customer service and returns, keeping your team free to focus on other areas of your business. With FBA, your third-party listings are displayed with the Prime logo, so customers know that Amazon handles packing, delivery and these products will ship within their 2-day prime window, encouraging sales and growth. Fulfillment is greatly simplified from a standard Seller Central account, and there is no minimum in the number of units that can be sent into inventory. Depending on your goals, we will help determine if incorporating FBA is a strategic addition for your business needs on Amazon.

Day to Day Management

Fixing Problems

Whenever your items are listed with Amazon, small errors are an inevitable part of doing business. From necessary catalog cleanup and image uploads to item suspensions, we have the resources and expertise in Amazon Vendor Central, Vendor Express, and Seller Central to tackle these issues quickly and effectively. This ensures that your products are always in stock and available for customers to purchase on Amazon, which maximizes sales and growth.

Key Reporting

Standard Amazon reporting to vendors lacks a detailed historical perspective as well as features that allow easy analysis. As part of our commitment to providing the highest level of service possible, we manually generate numerous reports on a regular basis to give you more visibility into your business on Amazon. These reports include POS tracking, demand forecasting, buy box status and other category specific information that can help with sales maximization and strategic planning.

Content Creation and Optimization

Vine Review Program

Product reviews play a critical role in establishing a strong presence on Amazon and catapulting sales. The Amazon Vine program allows manufacturers to receive reviews for their products on Amazon from a select group of their most trusted reviewers. Vendors who enroll a product in Vine ship the item out to these “Vine Voices” who then post reviews about their experiences to help their fellow customers make informed purchase decisions.

We are well versed in Amazon’s Vine program and will help with recommending which items to enroll in Vine as well as fully coordinating the campaign details. These Vine reviews result in improved awareness of your product and brand on the Amazon platform.

Brand Pages

Our team has created and implemented high quality Amazon brand pages for all our client’s various brands. These pages act as the landing page for your products on the Amazon platform and are also a great place to send qualified traffic through various promotions. The Brand Page allows consumers to shop for your products in a lifestyle environment versus shopping for your products in the standard Amazon environment.

We work hand in hand with you to design a Brand Page that will complement your website, creating an extension of your brand on Amazon and ensuring that all your marketing materials have a consistent look. This page is an opportunity to explore a fresh way to present your products on Amazon in a visual environment that the shopper aspires to and that highlights products or categories of focus for you at any given time.

Operations and Logistics

Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) and Ships In Own Container (SIOC) Packaging

As a result of the massive volume of shipments Amazon handles, certifications are offered for product packaging that meets various requirements. We are well versed in these requirements and the certification process. Benefits to having FFP certified items include additional merchandising and priority treatment for participating products, as well as reducing Amazon’s freight costs.


Regularly occurring chargebacks can be an unfortunate reality at Amazon. Currently, there are six different categories of chargebacks, with multiple chargebacks within each category. All of these can have a potentially serious financial impact on the business if not corrected quickly. These six categories are as follows:

  • PO Related (i.e. Excessive backorders, PO On-Time Non-Compliance, PO Confirmation Rate and more)
  • Prep Related (bagging, boxing, taping, suffocation warning, etc.)
  • Receive Related (No Carton Content Label, Oversized or Overweight Cartons, etc.)
  • Transportation Related
  • ASN Related
  • Dropship Related

Our approach to all chargebacks is to work with our clients’ operations and customer service teams to ensure that we are fixing the root cause and preventing them from happening in the first place. We monitor operational performance on an on-going basis and work closely with clients to better understand their internal operations regarding functions such as picking, packaging and routing shipments. Our team then works to educate and coach our clients on Amazon’s procedures and policies for everything from accepting POs to submitting routing requests and beyond and formulate processes for avoiding and minimizing chargebacks.

Growing with Amazon Through Strategic Planning

Strategic Insight and Access to New and Beta Programs

Amazon is a rapidly evolving company and one outcome of this is the almost continual introduction of new programs and opportunities. Through our ongoing communication with Amazon, we are typically among the first in the vendor community to hear about these opportunities and pass them on to our clients whenever applicable.

Profitability Issues

Amazon will always provide the best price to their customers and as a result margins can sometimes get squeezed. We are very experienced in working through these issues and finding win-win solutions for our clients and Amazon.

We keep open dialog with Amazon’s Vendor Managers to proactively address profitability issues before they become larger issues and determine the best plan to resolve effectively for both parties. This includes reviews of status issues, planning and communication of IRs to support price matches, and bundling promotions to help boost product profitability.

Retail Protection through Channel Management

In the increasingly transparent world of online retail, channel management is paramount to protecting a brands’ integrity. While there is no magic bullet solution, we work hand in hand with Amazon’s vendor managers to ensure your products are being treated fairly by Amazon and the broader marketplace. Through this approach, we help enhance and defend your pricing integrity.


Promotions, Merchandising, and Marketing

Retail and Corporate Merchandising Campaigns

There are too many different promotional options in each category to name, but we have experience with all of them. Broad categories include merchandising packages, email campaigns and seasonal campaigns. We are well versed in navigating the often complex and daunting rate cards associated with these options and have enough experience to be able to identify those with the strongest ROI potential. We apply a coordinated approach by combining these campaigns with associated deals and AMS strategies and track and report results.

Price Driven Promotions and Deals

Price driven promotions and deals can be a great way to boost traffic and drive top line volume on Amazon. These promotional options include Best Deals, Lightning Deals, Deal of the Day and Vendor Powered Coupons (VPC’s). These various promotions can be a great way to drive incremental sales and long term growth for a brand if used appropriately. We have extensive experience implementing these promotions and are well versed in the subtleties of each option. With a thorough assessment of your objectives and goals on Amazon, we can recommend a corresponding, comprehensive promotional strategy for your brand on the platform using these various options.

Amazon Media Group (AMG)

Amazon Media Group owns and operates a sophisticated impression based custom advertising platform. We work in conjunction with our clients and the AMG team to help develop and execute a sustainable advertising strategy through targeted campaigns both on and off the Amazon platform.

Working with AMG is similar to having a full-service ad agency at your fingertips. AMG is designed to be focused on brand building, and we work in conjunction with them to manage campaigns from start to finish, including strategy, creative, targeting, execution, and tracking/analysis.

We help our clients weed through the massive amount of data provided by AMG to make beneficial changes, find the best ROI and determine the most sustainable strategy moving forward. Additionally, thanks to our expertise with both AMG and our client’s business, we utilize any learnings and insight gained from AMG campaigns to further develop and improve other Amazon specific marketing activities such as AMS (Amazon Marketing Services).

Cutting Edge Initiatives


Launchpad is a site-within-a-site on Amazon featuring innovative products from startups and innovative manufacturers. We work with the Launchpad team regularly and are highly experienced with their product and content requirements. While this isn’t applicable to all clients, this allows our new startup clients to receive additional marketing and in-stock assistance as they grow their company and their brand on Amazon and beyond. Through our partnership with Launchpad team members, we work on your behalf to ensure you receive specialized placement and incremental opportunities that would not typically be available to a new brand.


Specialized Customer Programs

Amazon is testing several different shipping options available in select markets. While not all of these will make sense for all vendors, we are experienced in working with all three platforms.


AmazonFresh is a program available in select cities which offers free grocery delivery for Prime members. This program offers customers a wide selection of fresh produce, meats, dairy, frozen items, and household essentials. Delivery can be requested for same day or next day, and can happen even when the customer is not home, making it easy and convenient for everyone.

While not a fit for everyone, our clients who have household essentials can participate in this program and drive additional opportunity for marketing and sales of those items on AmazonFresh. We work with you to identify these product opportunities and manage the process of having them added to the platform.

Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is a store where Prime members can shop for groceries and household products in everyday package sizes (for example, a single box of cereal). The introduction of Prime Pantry allowed Amazon to expand its selection and offer thousands of items to Prime Members that are cost prohibitive to ship for free individually.

If applicable to your products, we will review your catalog for suitable items to add to Prime Pantry and work with our contacts at Amazon to navigate the process of having them setup on the platform. This can be another great way to add incremental sales and marketing reach, not to mention providing the opportunity to sell items that would otherwise be unprofitable.

Prime Now

Prime Now is a benefit of Amazon Prime where members can place orders for fast same-day, often one-hour delivery in select zip codes. Prime Now is a standalone site and mobile application from the standard Amazon site. With it, customers can shop, local stores and local restaurants and have local couriers deliver to them in shortened delivery timeframes from the typical site.

We work closely with the Prime Now team to help facilitate our client’s participation in this program. Our team manages the entire process from start to finish and works with the appropriate Amazon contacts to bring in inventory specifically for Prime Now Fulfillment Centers. We believe Prime Now is a great opportunity to capture incremental sales on top of regular business, and therefore handle all coordination to ensure this additional opportunity is seamless and effortless for our clients.

For any questions regarding the above or a custom consultation on your business, please contact us here.