Amazon Vendor ConsultingOrca Pacific’s office is conveniently located in the South Lake Union district of Seattle on Amazon’s campus. Our consultants are in Amazon’s offices on a weekly basis, meeting with vendor managers (buyers) and other key decision makers. We believe relationships are an important part of doing business with any retailer and Amazon is no different. We constantly strive to maintain close working relationships with everyone related to our mutual business. We always present ourselves, and by extension our vendors, with the utmost professionalism.

The relationships we’ve built give our Amazon Consultants a considerable advantage

Our Amazon consultants spend a lot of time cultivating relationships with key people at the Amazon office. The average tenure of a position at Amazon is less than twelve months, with employees frequently moving to varying roles at the company. With our long-term and broad-reaching experience as well as proximity to their offices, we have formed extensive relationships with Amazonians in a wide variety of roles and categories.  This, along with the high level of respect with which Orca is regarded, allows us to quickly reach the appropriate personnel when it might otherwise be impossible.  This is especially critical considering the average Amazon Vendor Manager is directly responsible for over five hundred vendors.

Through our many years of Amazon consulting, we have developed contacts in varying areas of the company. These include packaging and logistics business groups, the private label team and various marketing teams (AMG, AMS) among others. Amazon is continually rolling out new initiatives to drive their business forward, and thanks to our relationships we have first-hand knowledge of these changes.  New initiatives such as Amazon Launchpad and Amazon Business are great examples of this, and we work daily with individuals within those new departments to continue advancing our clients’ interests on the platform and maximize their brand presence and sales.

Strategic Problem Solving

Whenever your items are listed with Amazon, small errors are an inevitable part of doing business. From necessary catalog cleanup and image uploads to item suspensions, we have the resources and expertise in Amazon Vendor Central, Vendor Express, and Seller Central to tackle these issues quickly and effectively. This ensures that your products are always in stock and available for customers to purchase on Amazon, which maximizes sales and growth.

Strategic Insight and Access to New Beta Programs

Amazon is a rapidly evolving company and one outcome of this is the almost continual introduction of new programs and opportunities. Through our ongoing communication with Amazon, we are typically among the first in the vendor community to hear about these opportunities and pass them on to our clients whenever applicable.